Unique Blogger Award

Hey lovely people ,

I feel blessed and super happy when I receive awards .I never expected such an optimist and brilliant response after joining WordPress. It’s a journey which I’m enjoying the most ,being a little crazy about it.😎.

A hearty thanks to my dear friend Akhil Kumar who nominated me for this Award.He is such a kind,friendly ,adorable guy who appreciate Writers effort and entertain them with his amazing contents.He is a passionate writer who writes all with his heart.😊

You must not forget to visit his blogs .

Unique Blogger Award is given to a blogger whose contents are Unique .A writer who follows different style of writing.According to me ,My all readers are Unique and special in writing😍

Thanks is just  a small word in front of the love,support which my readers showed to me😘.

Rules to follow:-

  • Share the link to the blogger who has nominated you
  • Thank him or her
  • Answer the questions asked by that person who nominated you
  • In the spirit of spreading & sharing love, solidarity and integrity among the writers nominate any number of Writers
  • Ask them 3 questions

Since this is the Unique blogger award he has   asked  these questions:- 

  • The best experience and the worst experience on WordPress.
  • By god grace ,It’s a memorable and wonderful experience on WordPress. Here,I got my identity through writing.I love everybody here and willing to learn from them😘
  • When you first thought about writing did you think people will accept it or reject it and why?
  • I’m not sure about my writing skills and I want to check myself  whether I can write or not.I hide my name here bcoz As a newbie I was ready to face criticism and the appreciation both.I have written many poems ,article but never dare to post them .I want a platform to share my thoughts with people of same interest and also to learn from them😊
  • Is blogging a frustration release or like yoga for you guys? ( Frustration release i mean A place to put down all the worries and anger and have a feel like it is just you, Yoga is like you always wanted to be a blogger)
  • Writing is my love ,passion and moreover my life.Its me ,I can define myself with it.I can go to any extent to enhance my writing skills.I want to write a Novel ,its my biggest dream but after a few months I quit .I decided to take a small steps in spite of taking a long jump😁.Writing a book is dam painful and require lots of patience.

I would like to nominate:-


2)Ananya Dash


4)Rekha Sahay




8)Heart to Soul


10)Piyush Bilandi


12)Alexis Rose


14)Surya pratap

15)Pearled Feelings

Sorry,I know I break the rules,but I’m helpless bcz all writers are great here and I want to nominate them .

Here MY Question for Nominees are:-

1)Who gave you best appreciation on WordPress for your writing and what they said?

2) Which is the best phase of your life which you will cherish forever and Why?

3)Which is your craziest desire in the life and to what extent  you can go to attain it?

Thanks  a lot to my dear friends and I love you all😍.

Stay happy and blessed😊

73 thoughts on “Unique Blogger Award

Add yours

      1. Yes,I can understand why you feel awkward. Sorry,buddy I have read your post today and found it interesting. I will read your all post ina couple of days,.I have nominated Shubham ,another blogger same name mistake.It is hurting to tell you ,Sorry .

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Congratulations..💐..
    Some people might say that you have inferiority complex, regarding your writings, but knowing your level is a different thing.
    Keep writing, keep learning, keep moving towards your dream.


    1. Yes,you said right.I was not confident about my writing and I feel no shame or regret to tell.I’m a straight fodward person who willingly can except pessemisim coming in life,but at the end you will find me same girl with optimist attitude. Thanks for reading it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Okay. Also don’t just use name of nominees. Use link of their blog, with which it gets easy for people to chk their blog/visit them


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