How to identify love sign in relationship?

Love is a strong emotion for someone close to heart. According to a psychologist, the oxytocin hormone releases the emotion of love. Four letter word is itself very complex yet simple to grasp. Some endure love with the feeling of pain, broken heart or calling weak. But, some feel like it's the purest form of... Continue Reading →

Five steps to control aggressive behaviour

Huesmann and Guerra (1997) found that children who are aggressive at eight years of age are more likely to be aggressive in later years. Those who are grown in families where domestic violence, abuse, psychological or mental stress is a common thing. Especially those children are more prone to aggressive behaviour. Child abuse is another... Continue Reading →

The letter

Trisha,  I am not sharing you with a piece of the letter but giving you all that I have...  Your sour and sweet memories, awful moments still haunts me every night when the day I lost you.  The crimson frickles were laid on the windowsill as like snowflakes dressed on the bed waking her from... Continue Reading →

Stumble upon

Her head stumbles upon the shady grove sucking those damp eyes. Eyes that pierce those giant trees wrapped in a canopy. From a distant, she saw the disillusion figure aligning the forest on flames. The fire that was the mere repercussion of the hue of saffron rays. Being tired of a long journey, she decides... Continue Reading →


The pristine beauty of relationship coiled in solid gold. To unveil the treasure from trashbin as to unfold. As authenticity of me is testified in cubicles, Or diffused in mixture of loyalty and compatibility goals

Peace is in hands of love

Love originate from peaceOr peace rejuvenate from loveSeems complex to fathom their meansBefitted together in a juxtapose,Or stumbling upon life's paradoxLove empowers human spirit;But not in favour of giving a clean chitPeace comes like a comrade, Ready to sacrifice for Nation's pride.Love so powerful and vigilant,Latent in layers of strength and spiritual longingnessPeace is a... Continue Reading →

Midnight Confession!

Words unsaid and unheard Echo loudly in my swollen heart. Soaked in fragrance of love, As the aesthetic emotions rebound I felt like Princess wearing the crown. The time still trigger in my head Stumbled in the mind's cobweb, Thou ushers me towards imaginery land, To breathe the song of tranquil band! Indepth of shallowness;... Continue Reading →


My life lightenes at his sight I saw two pair of fine eyes Peeping through the chamber Of My heart, exposing all flaws I saw him near to my soul Outspoken or blush in his eyes Glances and exchange of words Could blow my mind I saw him with dignity and pride Starting of new... Continue Reading →

Wedding Ring

Bouquet of fresh roses Decor with love Memories to cherish Embraced by Almighty The bond beyond eternity Leading us towards serenity Echo of laughter all over As lovers dancing in spotlight Ambience splendid with colours Angels, the love goddess step their feet on the motherland Bringing realsm of fidelity Through a symbol of love Graced... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence

Fleshy skin and bones Masculine and weary smile Fascinating blue eyes Yes, I am a fragile child Unborn from motherland Devoid of sympathy and vile Bodily figure attached with Numerous wires and socket Abandoned from emotions Yes, I am a fragile child Forbidden with the love But I could see or feel Tears welled up... Continue Reading →

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