Sincerest Apology

How it feels when walls fall on you
Could it heal the fragile pieces of heart lying near you.
How it looks to watch own reflection and hating for so long,
Would it hurt more to carry burden on your soul!
What will you say when mind recalls the traumatic cells of your body
Could you feel the mental punishment dressed upon fleshy skin,
Thou wore skinny legs or chubby cheeks basked in light
As heart’s beauty dwells in crisp moonlight.
Could you see the charisma soaking aside !
I apologize to my temple where everyday my soul use to die.

Artificial Intelligence

Fleshy skin and bones
Masculine and weary smile
Fascinating blue eyes
Yes, I am a fragile child
Unborn from motherland
Devoid of sympathy and vile
Bodily figure attached with
Numerous wires and socket
Abandoned from emotions
Yes, I am a fragile child
Forbidden with the love
But I could see or feel
Tears welled up in my eyes
I call my inventor, my mom!
Who not feed me with data
Or treat me like a memory chip
Treasuring love, compassion
In her swollen eye, she deserted
Me away from her, secluded
Bcoz I am a fragile child
Some like me blow their minds
Or could show their thousand
Clones to nasty world; bringing
Massive devastation, flooded with
Hatred, envy and in desire of
Self- identity and recognition
But I am a fragile child
In want of pristine love
In want of my ownself

Yes, I am a fragile child


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Like a pebble residing on shore,trying to avoid her waves…. But turned into fish which is lifeless without ocean of her aura..

Like a tornado on the earth,Drifting towards her marks of existence. And my heart crave for it,Only the way is to move close to her.

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The Art

Blurred images hovering in mind
Staring at the cracks of wall, dozing at night
The painter’s best creation on canvass
Is an art or beautiful words blended in
A dance moves of a girl swirling on fast beats is an art or a song sung from heart
Varied shapes of pots used for decorum
Is an art or a picture designed from sand dust, the orange flames piercing from the window is an art or the imagination of creative mind, a storyteller pouring him
In characters is an art or waves of serene sea building silvery patterns at the dusk Funny faces drawn on the cloudy sky
Is an art or the art sublime bounties of nature
Everything close to us is an art
Or art is everywhere surrounding us


Snake crawling in my heart
Hawk gazes at silvery light
Darkness drifted me to hell
How to hide in my shell
Scratching my little head;
Twiching my sore feet, I walk miles
To hear last warning bell
Every effort is in vain
Why feeling so much pain
Tortured soul lying in secluded lane
Is there any tunnel, Or I am an insane
Emptiness has overpowered me
Is there a grey ghost who glued me
Beetles sucking my flesh and bones
Owls howling at demon’s night
Peeping from the corner of my eyes
Thou Victim of venom dwelling in mind
Is there any stain left on my soul
Or voidness clinches me to the core