Sometimes it’s not even enough to bleed crumpled thoughts on a sheet. In the quest to pour raspberries on mind’s slate.

The mind works like an artist nagging its nerves to burst those emotions that were forgone by the soul.

Some scratches/ screeches crawl naked to practice necromancy at home. A home where things booze in head articulating chappels of dark thoughts.

I realise that one can’t rely on drinking gallons of positive syrup when the mind holds pessimism.

Sometimes it seems like chasing UFO in the deserted area where no human exists. Like running in a never-ending marathon that leads to draining every square of blood.

These were thoughts that disturbed me often breaking the continuity to write. Is it happen only with me or you all people struggle with these kinds of thoughts. Instead of calling it a writer block, I will name it mind’s lock.

Looking forward to reading your views

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Know Me Tag Award

Hello guys,
It’s a wonderful feeling when your friend tags you in the post. Yippy, I was tagged by one of my lovely 👑 blogger Zankhana Goyal💝. She is as sweet as her name . Thank you so much for the tag ❤ Just give a glimpse to her work! She writes her thoughts well in writing. I’m sure you won’t regret later.

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Hide And Seek

It’s not a game, nor foreplay

Reality of dynamic life in the play

Entwined  in various patterns, shapes like a clay

Outbursting  Impeccable sufferings of chaotic mind

Treacherous path, anxiety,  fear, rat race lurching in mind’s cave

Perseverance fight of mind and heart , Victory or defeat  in hands of divine

Positive vibes Overlapping devilish side

How long it stays, Virtue and Vice

It’s not a game, nor foreplay

Flooded emotions seems prey

Adhere man from its way

Long dark tunnel, down cast wrong way

Doomed to blood shed violence, in humane, Rebellion and  make us slay

Where life heed us, Where to stay

One day prints of human deeds, time will   withered away

Viewers Demand Week

Hey guys,I think you’re all doing well.My apologies for not getting fully immersed in the blog🤗but 

Thanks for staying tuned.😉😂

So, we have a new plan for all our dear readers,we are planning to start a Special “VIEWERS DEMAND WEEK”😎 in which you all write to us what you guys want me to write be it a story,poem or something else.

I think it would be an interesting concept😇🤔 as it will help us to know more about what you people expect from us and will try our best to keep you guys engaged in our posts.

Hope you like it and give suggestions real quick.

And the people who demand posts would get an honourable mention before the post.

Till Then,

Meanwhile,Do you like DumbleDore Dancing!!!!😎👮👦