Why to mark Chatpal a wonderful spot on your travel list?

Be an escapist instead of a hustler. We all need a vacation from the whirlwind that is work. Walking like a zombie to the office and returning with a frigid heart is a sight to behold. What we’re carrying in the carriage is a bag of worry, frustration, and anguish. Earning money and living servile... Continue Reading →

Midnight Confession!

Words unsaid and unheard Echo loudly in my swollen heart. Soaked in fragrance of love, As the aesthetic emotions rebound I felt like Princess wearing the crown. The time still trigger in my head Stumbled in the mind's cobweb, Thou ushers me towards imaginery land, To breathe the song of tranquil band! Indepth of shallowness;... Continue Reading →


My life lightenes at his sight I saw two pair of fine eyes Peeping through the chamber Of My heart, exposing all flaws I saw him near to my soul Outspoken or blush in his eyes Glances and exchange of words Could blow my mind I saw him with dignity and pride Starting of new... Continue Reading →

Unturned Pages

Some pages of heart Clandestine in-depth of each beats Penetrating love and emotions Or secretion of oxytocin's I blindfolded eyes pointing to sky In the realm of bountiful World I walked barefooted , cuddling over Cosmo energy , creating magical shower To find a few human fully contented From the mundane of vulnerability Brain storming... Continue Reading →

Hidden Aura

Graved in utter silence Writing flows in veins Bewildered by a thought Is storyteller an insane Some says writing is mere phase Contentment from outer cave Heart throb, psycho and lovers Find it a perfect escape From blissful land An awful bond No correlation with life Afar from a pessimist vibes Sometimes breeze in ocean Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Charity falls here

Hey guys, Hope you are doing great and enjoying your life. Few days ago, I got a message on messenger shown in text above . I watched the trailer and found it impressive attempt to bring change in people's perception towards gender bias. I liked the plot as it is based on social issues faced... Continue Reading →

 Got Unique Blogger Award Again

Hey beauties, I'm grateful to God for giving me  an amazing ,lovely blogger's friend.Your appreciation ,awards make my day and I feel blessed. I'm thankful to my sweet  blogger friend Prakash  Rao who nominated me for this Award.He is a genuine person with a kind heart.He writes all with his heart and yet so beautifully.... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Blogger Award

Lots of nominations ,appreciation and love from my readers.I took the best decision of my life to start blogging on WordPress. Really, it's a amazing journey with my readers. .I'm enjoying every bit of my life here .🤗 I want to thank to Sayar who nominate me for this Award.I like his loving,friendly and kind gesture.He... Continue Reading →

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