The letter

Trisha,  I am not sharing you with a piece of the letter but giving you all that I have...  Your sour and sweet memories, awful moments still haunts me every night when the day I lost you.  The crimson frickles were laid on the windowsill as like snowflakes dressed on the bed waking her from... Continue Reading →

Close to suffering

Trigger warning- Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Mental illness Hey folks, hope you are safe and healthy. It took so much patience to write what I am going through. As while writing, it might trigger the brain to recall those thoughts. For me, writing is not only a therapy but a panacea for the mind. I... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Death

Hey folks, hope you are doing well. Where the nation evolves in mysterious combat and everyone waits for peace. On the other side, our subconscious mind laid asleep in a shell. Later, it was unaware of what's happening around or like it cares least. A mind, a chariot that exerts an inexorable force to dive... Continue Reading →

Charity falls here

Hey guys, Hope you are doing great and enjoying your life. Few days ago, I got a message on messenger shown in text above . I watched the trailer and found it impressive attempt to bring change in people's perception towards gender bias. I liked the plot as it is based on social issues faced... Continue Reading →

Heal Me

'What the hell, are you saying'! , screamed Ananya . My heart was racing at high-speed. My beloved Wife was sobbing like an innocent child . All the vows, promises and the love which I bestowed on her flashed like a blurred memory. My words have screwed up her mind and she began to groan... Continue Reading →

Latest Update!!!

Hey guys, how are you all doing. Today I have got an exciting news, my brother is launching his first book and here is it's exclusive cover only for you . This Title will be releasing in Early December. This is the trial cover and the final cover and publication would be revealed soon. Also,... Continue Reading →

Good news 

Hey lovelies, First of all thank you so much for the love and support bestowed  by  my readers.Thanks for all your precious comments on my each post. I don't want to disappoint my readers by leaving the story(Fallen Nightmare)in between.Though,I got great appreciation on my first story of VDW.I decide to reveal the hidden missing... Continue Reading →

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