Frozen berries

Dribble fresh juice lurking on cotton twigs, Twigs in a drapery bursting bubbles of aerial wings, Aerial wings that bestow white love all over. All over the golden frickles basking in teeth- chattering weather, All over the frozen berries glaring at the dying dusk. Like nature coveted in heart of snow

See how easily you can stop overthinking

“Rule number one is, don't sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it's all small stuff.” – Robert Eliot This statement fits perfect in our lives. Humans are best at thinking of non- essential things. Worrying on small issues, conflicts and on past events increases the adrenaline rush in veins. Thoughts are seeds that... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Hello friends Hope you are good and healthy. After a long time, I was again nominated for the Liebster Award. I am grateful to Sonali who nominated me for this award. Thank you for appreciating my work and enjoying it. She is an aspiring writer who put her heart out in writings. Go and check... Continue Reading →


Scratches Sometimes it’s not even enough to bleed crumpled thoughts on a sheet. In the quest to pour raspberries on mind’s slate. The mind works like an artist nagging its nerves to burst those emotions that were forgone by the soul. Some scratches/ screeches crawl naked to practice necromancy at home. A home where things... Continue Reading →


Silhouette lurking through creaks Lingering on the tiny hollow bleak Mapping facial nerves to pour blood. Like brown leaves fall in a turf Her parched skin squirt in pain Wounded scars pierce like shards in the brain. Stains crept in the sore heart Like peeling off skin from mind’s wall Innocence trapped in a chaos... Continue Reading →

Freedom at stake

Wrapped in the hue of silvery night,Astraea woke from a deep slumber To scrutinize trails of assaulted turfThat Lie mutilated in the cold hearth.I am heaved by the insane humanity,Thy realm lies bloodied in cold sublimeNation vexed by wicked bureaucrats,Who succumbed wealth from democrats.Corruption cemented thy benign soulLike a parasite feed upon the rusted coreWolfs... Continue Reading →

Striving for Survival

Death looms in every street Gripping mortals in its blood-stained teeth. Encircled by pandemic curls,Like a slitter shedding in hurlsDrawn folks at the verge of extinction,As Nature revives motherland from fatal consumption. Somewhere lamenting verses,To soothe human's verdictBeing in quarantine has become legacyBasics are our new affluent policySweaty warrior in white attirePouring fresh blood with... Continue Reading →


The pristine beauty of relationship coiled in solid gold. To unveil the treasure from trashbin as to unfold. As authenticity of me is testified in cubicles, Or diffused in mixture of loyalty and compatibility goals


Yes, I have flaws Deep inside my heart Sometimes its at rage, Like the golden flames Sometimes it's a breeze, Soothing near the Seashore! Yes, I have flaws Deep inside my heart Sometimes it churns my mind, Like head torned in miniscule pieces Sometimes it's fully exposed, Like naked scars peeping through the corners! Yes,... Continue Reading →

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