Heal Me

'What the hell, are you saying'! , screamed Ananya . My heart was racing at high-speed. My beloved Wife was sobbing like an innocent child . All the vows, promises and the love which I bestowed on her flashed like a blurred memory. My words have screwed up her mind and she began to groan... Continue Reading →


You petrified me by your existence Why r u so aghost and dreadful Hanging around at stormy night,for what intention Wandering in my  sleep ,with blue Hollow eyes I got freeze at your movements,sweat arise Blood drenched away from my nerves,at your sight Why r u so devilish and evil fusion of God and demons epitome... Continue Reading →

Secret Behind Closed Book

          It's beginning of a new life . Everyone   is on seventh heaven. Doctor gave permission to dispatch  mom from hospital.I  m sitting in mother's lap ,feeling blessed .My mother is the most beautiful lady in world.Her black eyes,curly hair ,mesmerizing smile with dazzling teeth and a charming personality is a complementary element.... Continue Reading →

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