नफरत की आँधी

Hey lovelies, Must read this awesome poem.I couldn't stop myself from reblogging it because it's a masterpiece poem written by Madhusudan Sir.An awesome  blogger who writes beautiful poems and stories.👌 Must visit😊 https://madhureo.wordpress.com/2017/07/26/nafrat-ki-aandhi/comment-page-1/#comment-3269


Hey lovelies! I read many blogs today and all are amazing ,but this poem leave me speechless .I want to share it with my fellow bloggers. MUST visit  Vaibhav Verwa blogs.He writes amazing poems. आवाज निर्भीक कब होगी?  - ​शोर शराबा बहुत है हटाओ सच की तस्दीक कब होगी ? निजाम तो आएंगे जाएंगे, यह... Continue Reading →

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