Blue Sky Tag Blog Award

Hey lovelies! Yippy😍 ,I was so much happy to receive this Blue Sky Tag Blog Award by the Amazing,beautiful bloggers Shraddha1993 and theGirl nextdoor(Richa).They both write amazing stories and bring it to reality while you read it.  They both entertain  you with their Unique contents. Must visit and enjoy the ride😘. Rules: 1. Thank the person who... Continue Reading →

After Rain Breeze

Hey friends, I'm glad to share this beautiful poem with my lovely readers.I have recently read  Rupali posts and found it amazing . You must visit and enjoy her poem. After long hours of workout,I step out on the open terrace.Only to witness the soothing weatherThat mesmerises me for a while. Flowing like some soft... Continue Reading →

Soul Eater

Yes,I'm a prostitute Neither with my consent ,Nor  with my will Thrust in Hell,Thrust in sex cell It becomes my home ,In a Nutshell With no name ,I brought the shame No escape from the cave Ruthlessly beaten,Severely burnt Body turned to ashes ,dark and churned What's my fault,If I'm a girl Whom to blame... Continue Reading →

Amazing Likes

Thanks a lot to my lovely friends here on WordPress.I have no words to express my love,gratitude to all lovely people over here . Thanks for supporting me and inspiring me throughout in this journey.😘 Have an amazing life and stay happy. Blessings are on your way😇

Human Leftovers

Hey lovely people! Hope you all are doing great !😊.I'm back with yet another interesting post to amuse my readers . "Kshitij Why you were  not ready yet" ?We were late for the wedding ceremony "exclaimed Mom. Tushar  my best buddy who cordially invite us in his marriage .I'm overwhelmed to hear that he was going to... Continue Reading →

Back to School

One day my soul went to school! Lingered sweet memories from mind pool! That day I saw a child  in me who have grown Stout,stubborn,aggressive and repulsive That day I saw school building ,fanned with love and emotions Huge playground ,a place of our leisure! That day I saw my classroom painted white Reminisce boring lectures made me... Continue Reading →

Ghost Diaries

Hello lovelies, Hope you are having a great fun .I'm back with another exciting,Naa but with a haunted   real story😱 to prove that there  is "Life After Death"👻. Probably I like watching horror movies ,but not at night😂 and enjoy reading  them (quite interesting).🤗 Tighten your belt and get ready for the ride.A ride... Continue Reading →

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