Christ, a Sun's God Tempting us to love thy enemy dissipating mercenary and shrewdness from whole cosmology Preaching of Mahayana Sutra To evolve oneself in buddhsatva Spinning wheel of karma transforming Mind into fullness; a state of Nirvana The future Mahadi will step up with The justice, the wisdom and the trade Soaring feminism on... Continue Reading →



I am a hidden grief; in the tattered form Of a village girl, living in misery I am the latent pain; in the womb of mother From a loved soul; bringing me to life I am fusion of dove and eagle Ready to crush my prey chuckle them in hands of betray I am a... Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence

Fleshy skin and bones Masculine and weary smile Fascinating blue eyes Yes, I am a fragile child Unborn from motherland Devoid of sympathy and vile Bodily figure attached with Numerous wires and socket Abandoned from emotions Yes, I am a fragile child Forbidden with the love But I could see or feel Tears welled up... Continue Reading →


Hello guys, Hope you are doing great. As one of my blogger friend invited me to collaborate with him and I accepted the challenge. I am always up for any writing contest. You can read our work by clicking on the given link. He is a talented writer who knows well to potray emotions, thoughts... Continue Reading →

The Art

Blurred images hovering in mind Staring at the cracks of wall, dozing at night The painter's best creation on canvass Is an art or beautiful words blended in A dance moves of a girl swirling on fast beats is an art or a song sung from heart Varied shapes of pots used for decorum Is... Continue Reading →


Snake crawling in my heart Hawk gazes at silvery light Darkness drifted me to hell How to hide in my shell Scratching my little head; Twiching my sore feet, I walk miles To hear last warning bell Every effort is in vain Why feeling so much pain Tortured soul lying in secluded lane Is there... Continue Reading →

Share And Inspire

Hey lovely people, Today I am overwhelmed with the thought of happiness. Today, I figured that we all have a slight(or major) misconception about happiness. For eg- If I get this new phone which I've been craving for months then I will be happiest person in the world. Well, I beg to differ or its... Continue Reading →

गरीब से मिल आया

लोगों ने कहा सोचा गरीब के बारे में मैंने भी सोचा आज चादर ओढ़ कर क्यों ना जाऊ मिलने गरीब के घर चल पड़ा सवालों का काफ़िला लिए कहाँ जाना की आयेंगे खाली हाथ मगर व्यथा में सुख देखा, कमी थी फिर भी वहाँ सबकुछ पाया आँखों के सामने मन चकरा गया आज मै गरीब... Continue Reading →

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