Roller Coaster

Up or down ! Swing or hop From a cliff of thoughts Move or flow ! Diverge or cross Emerged from mind's flaws Truth or lie! Fair or foul How to listen souls cry Black or white ! Empty or full Emotions insight in-depth of mind pool Slow or fast! Chase or hide It's a... Continue Reading →


Charity falls here

Hey guys, Hope you are doing great and enjoying your life. Few days ago, I got a message on messenger shown in text above . I watched the trailer and found it impressive attempt to bring change in people's perception towards gender bias. I liked the plot as it is based on social issues faced... Continue Reading →


Hey guys, I want to share my happiness with my lovely blogger friends who have supported me throughout this journey. Today, I got my Book (Anthology) . Hurray, this feeling is amazing when I saw my poem in Published Book . I give this credit to "All of My lovely Readers" who appreciated my work... Continue Reading →


Wishing my lovely readers A Happy Holi😘. Colours of happiness, Colours of glory Red, blue, black, yellow and much more ..... Colours of holi Enlighten your spirit with vibrant colours Like a splendid rainbow from Universe Sprinkle magic energy to divine soul Cherish life with zeal and love Love u πŸ’πŸ’


Psychopath heart coop in a shell Sunken flesh daunting, remorse and pale Underneath darkness, trapped in prison cell Terrified, bold thoughts reminisce past Does and don't , making life bit hard Clinical depression, Fear falling apart Stretching every nerve to core of heart Suicidal monsters spat like clumsy brat Haunted night, loose clothes , foot... Continue Reading →

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