Peace is in hands of love

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  1. This is such a existential question to think about whether love generates peace or whether peace heralds love and wow, I have never thought about this in such a profound way. You really accentuate this reflection in such a lovely and brilliant manner adorning with imagery and metaphors. I really enjoyed the way this piece made me think.

    Enigma 🙂 ❤


    1. Glad to see that you understand it so well. Actually, I composed this piece for the contest as the title itself was intriguing. I always wait for the feedback as it shows that whether our writing is going in the right way or not. What do you think about it as a reader and writer?

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      1. Yes I agree feedback is just so important to validate writers. Well, according to me, I actually liked the way you have articulated your thoughts, it is unique and refreshing and that is why it made me think a lot. It truly is a paradox and I especially loved these lines:

        “Love a panacea for mental illness
        Peace an antidote for mind’s

        It is a brilliant piece not because it is an existential topic but because your take on it is filled with blissful and mind-boggling imagery.

        Enigma 🙂


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