Freckles of snow

Cotton hazes spread everywhere Parting the thread of panorama view Teeth chattering bones clutching my blue lips, Emulsifying adrenaline rush in the spine. Hues of seven wonders dwell here, Soaked up in the droplets of rain Inherited depth of charms on the glowing face

Sand beneath my feet

Mumbled voices splinter in head Like doing summersaults in Arizona, Crisp morning bouldering on the shore, Like kisses plastered on the nocturnal core. Seagulls touches the lips of green wall How could I feel the warmth beneath hunched flaws? Twirling the sand beneath my cold feet Utter silence lurching like a ghost in a heap.... Continue Reading →

Frozen berries

Dribble fresh juice lurking on cotton twigs, Twigs in a drapery bursting bubbles of aerial wings, Aerial wings that bestow white love all over. All over the golden frickles basking in teeth- chattering weather, All over the frozen berries glaring at the dying dusk. Like nature coveted in heart of snow

Picture prompt

Life spirals around like a monotonous silken thread Trespassed from the loopholes of the horizon. Am I daydreaming or its a portrait of insane art, Imagination carved in disguised, Salvaging earth as an imperishable soul. Creatures lie fractured in a transparent jar, Jar brimmed with beetles, bugs and seagulls Highly superficial elements leaching on thy... Continue Reading →

Striving for Survival

Death looms in every street Gripping mortals in its blood-stained teeth. Encircled by pandemic curls,Like a slitter shedding in hurlsDrawn folks at the verge of extinction,As Nature revives motherland from fatal consumption. Somewhere lamenting verses,To soothe human's verdictBeing in quarantine has become legacyBasics are our new affluent policySweaty warrior in white attirePouring fresh blood with... Continue Reading →


Fragmented memories are often called dead,Dead lay gravelled beneath the rocky belt.The layered bed drapped from the wrath of varied emotions,Not in numbers nor lies in formations.It perhaps linger when body heardHeard the soft mumbles of gray skinAt the rehearsed parody of life’s brink.Poised feet and with a crinky nose,Adjoining conjectures or each clauses.Gradually seeking... Continue Reading →

Peace is in hands of love

Love originate from peaceOr peace rejuvenate from loveSeems complex to fathom their meansBefitted together in a juxtapose,Or stumbling upon life's paradoxLove empowers human spirit;But not in favour of giving a clean chitPeace comes like a comrade, Ready to sacrifice for Nation's pride.Love so powerful and vigilant,Latent in layers of strength and spiritual longingnessPeace is a... Continue Reading →

Midnight Confession!

Words unsaid and unheard Echo loudly in my swollen heart. Soaked in fragrance of love, As the aesthetic emotions rebound I felt like Princess wearing the crown. The time still trigger in my head Stumbled in the mind's cobweb, Thou ushers me towards imaginery land, To breathe the song of tranquil band! Indepth of shallowness;... Continue Reading →

Sincerest Apology

How it feels when walls fall on you Could it heal the fragile pieces of heart lying near you. How it looks to watch own reflection and hating for so long, Would it hurt more to carry burden on your soul! What will you say when mind recalls the traumatic cells of your body Could... Continue Reading →


Yes, I have flaws Deep inside my heart Sometimes its at rage, Like the golden flames Sometimes it's a breeze, Soothing near the Seashore! Yes, I have flaws Deep inside my heart Sometimes it churns my mind, Like head torned in miniscule pieces Sometimes it's fully exposed, Like naked scars peeping through the corners! Yes,... Continue Reading →

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