Losing hope: Common mistake people do that make them hopeless

Losing hope Dr Judith Rich writes, ” Hope is a match in a dark tunnel, a moment of light, just enough to reveal the path ahead and ultimately the way out. Hope is anticipation to live, think and act for the future. The world survives with the existence of hope. Hope varies with the person,... Continue Reading →

Hole in soul

Have you wondered thinking about the existence of these holes? These holes are as black as vicious clouds hanging up in the sky. When the clear sky is filled with blackness; gulping down the brightness. Holes confirm their place when the mind and soul are brimmed with negative thoughts empowering pessimism in the heart. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

How we have good vibes?

Good vibes is a slang phrase for the positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation. In simple word, it's an emotion that radiates positive feelings in the body. There is always room to discuss good and bad vibes. Bad vibes give birth to negative emotion or place. Why we often visit to... Continue Reading →

Liebster Award

Hello friends Hope you are good and healthy. After a long time, I was again nominated for the Liebster Award. I am grateful to Sonali who nominated me for this award. Thank you for appreciating my work and enjoying it. She is an aspiring writer who put her heart out in writings. Go and check... Continue Reading →


Scratches Sometimes it’s not even enough to bleed crumpled thoughts on a sheet. In the quest to pour raspberries on mind’s slate. The mind works like an artist nagging its nerves to burst those emotions that were forgone by the soul. Some scratches/ screeches crawl naked to practice necromancy at home. A home where things... Continue Reading →

Close to suffering

Trigger warning- Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Mental illness Hey folks, hope you are safe and healthy. It took so much patience to write what I am going through. As while writing, it might trigger the brain to recall those thoughts. For me, writing is not only a therapy but a panacea for the mind. I... Continue Reading →

Peace is in hands of love

Love originate from peaceOr peace rejuvenate from loveSeems complex to fathom their meansBefitted together in a juxtapose,Or stumbling upon life's paradoxLove empowers human spirit;But not in favour of giving a clean chitPeace comes like a comrade, Ready to sacrifice for Nation's pride.Love so powerful and vigilant,Latent in layers of strength and spiritual longingnessPeace is a... Continue Reading →

Exuberance is beauty

When the mind is bombarded with a train of thoughts, like every cell of the human body were dispersed in angular direction or a hurricane aroused from mind's cobweb abruptly hitting the forest.The one that is provoked by the flood of emotions rustling behind the bushes of the forest. The forest, that dwells in all... Continue Reading →

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