Yes, I have flaws Deep inside my heart Sometimes its at rage, Like the golden flames Sometimes it's a breeze, Soothing near the Seashore! Yes, I have flaws Deep inside my heart Sometimes it churns my mind, Like head torned in miniscule pieces Sometimes it's fully exposed, Like naked scars peeping through the corners! Yes,... Continue Reading →


Snake crawling in my heart Hawk gazes at silvery light Darkness drifted me to hell How to hide in my shell Scratching my little head; Twiching my sore feet, I walk miles To hear last warning bell Every effort is in vain Why feeling so much pain Tortured soul lying in secluded lane Is there... Continue Reading →

Hide And Seek

It's not a game , nor foreplay Reality of dynamic life in the play Weaved in various patterns, modified with a clay Outbursting impeccable sufferings of chaotic mind Perseverance fight of mind and heart , Victory or defeat in hands of divine Positive vibes overlapping a devellish side It's not a game, nor foreplay Flooded... Continue Reading →

Hidden Aura

Graved in utter silence Writing flows in veins Bewildered by a thought Is storyteller an insane Some says writing is mere phase Contentment from outer cave Heart throb, psycho and lovers Find it a perfect escape From blissful land An awful bond No correlation with life Afar from a pessimist vibes Sometimes breeze in ocean Sometimes... Continue Reading →


Hear me from within Dark deep soul O! Clinch my fist, Clinch my tongue Drag me back, Drag me back O! I need your help, O! I feel the crack Coil of silence in the blue water Hammering my brain to stop Hear me from within Dark deep soul Exposed aghast marks on whore Embraced... Continue Reading →

Roller Coaster

Up or down ! Swing or hop From a cliff of thoughts Move or flow ! Diverge or cross Emerged from mind's flaws Truth or lie! Fair or foul How to listen souls cry Black or white ! Empty or full Emotions insight in-depth of mind pool Slow or fast! Chase or hide It's a... Continue Reading →


Graced with words of love Embedded with hands in glove Splendid with the charisma of thoughts How beautifully a writer plots Feelings seized in the mind of ocean So profound , intangible notion Drowned in the darkness of emotions Writing with intense passion Ferverent love for writing never fades Blend with feelings , real and... Continue Reading →

Lost Me

Hey lovelies! Hope you are having a great day.I'm back with another interesting post which we can relate to our lives.I'm finding four people ,Will you help me!  They  are not my well wishers ,nor so important in my life🤔 Who are they,Do they really exist🙄 Phew🤐,Confused What rubbish I'm spitting !. Yes,You are Right,what... Continue Reading →

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