Exuberance is beauty

When the mind is bombarded with a train of thoughts, like every cell of the human body were dispersed in angular direction or a hurricane aroused from mind’s cobweb abruptly hitting the forest.
The one that is provoked by the flood of emotions rustling behind the bushes of the forest. The forest, that dwells in all of us and laid asleep in the depth of mind. It could be personified or exaggerated in the hands of almighty. One could only gain the state of contentment and placid warmth of God, after attaining salvation.
Like evaporating or churning thoughts in the midst of the fire.
The true exuberance lies where the soul meets its soulmate (Almighty power).
Exuberance is beauty and beauty is the epitome of God’s creation.

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    1. Thank you so much but it’s not a poem but a prompt. And the title of the quote is Exuberance of beauty. The way it appeared on the post might have confused you but I couldn’t able to change the formatting of text.

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      1. Thanks for visiting here. I am delighted to see the response as it’s been a really long time. Much has changed in my life but now I will try to remain active here.

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      2. Welcome and do go and visit my post too, Shayru. Hope everything is fine. Have faith all will be good. Sometimes our lives go thru their own course. Stay safe, love and light to you dear.


      3. Same to you. The big change was only that now, I am married. So, everything was new to me. Yes, I am going to read your post and my fellow bloggers too. Waiting to read amazing contents!


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