All we need to know why people refuse to help

Helping others is a sign of morality, kindness and courage. We have often seen that people stand dumb in adverse conditions.

Sometimes, we gave a name by calling them, Inhumane. Without knowing the actual reason, we have a habit of judging others by passing the wrong statements.

Yes, action speaks louder than words but for that, one needs to understand that action. Most of the time, people react similarly to others by doing nothing.

For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction as Newton said. You might be wondering how the audience could think at the same time in the same way.

So, here are some psychological reasons for being ignorant about helping others in need:-

1.Psychologically wired –

The aspect that needs attention is we all are psychologically trapped in thoughts. It’s not like people don’t want to help but it’s more like they are waiting for the call. This inhabited thought is predominant in the human brain.

For instance, if a young boy is left badly injured on the street. Probably, people will gather around him and look for help. Everyone present there will think someone from the crowd is going to help. But, the thing is no individual came forward to take him to the nearest hospital. Chances are high that they were looking for the signs. If the boy calls individually pointing out, chances are likely that he/ she will help him.

2. Return a favour

Nature stands on the relation of giving and receiving. An individual does something for someone in favour to receive back. I might sound selfish to you but it’s a fact. Our relations with friends, family and loved ones depend on receiving something in return. It could be love, money or respect. Most of us, are unwilling to take the risk so we step back. It’s hard to understand someone’s pain unless we go through that pain.

3. Emotional to consequences

Don’t act like a Phantom. Humans are emotional from inside but practical from outside. No one wants to look like a fool if he fails. What kind of thoughts likely comes in people’s mind when someone is in deep trouble?

. What if it’s a police case?

. Confused like others and screaming to help the victim.

. Waiting for the sign from the victim.

. I am not privileged enough to help.

. Fear of being trapped in trouble

In this case, as a citizen of our nation, we can dial the helpline number. Something is better than nothing. Breaking the psychological chain is necessary to feel the need for helping out.

Hence, we concluded from the above points is that we must not wait for signs in an emergency. Come forward in limelight and help others earliest as possible. Remember, we are not saving one life but a hundred lives altogether.

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