See how easily you can stop overthinking

“Rule number one is, don’t sweat the small stuff. Rule number two is, it’s all small stuff.”

– Robert Eliot

This statement fits perfect in our lives. Humans are best at thinking of non- essential things.

Worrying on small issues, conflicts and on past events increases the adrenaline rush in veins. Thoughts are seeds that are harvested by the mind. Mind as a gardener allows every seed to grow on mind’s soil. Despite testing bad or good, every thought is welcomed.

Let’s dig deep inside to understand it well

Formation of thoughts:-

Neurons in a body produce energy and when these neuron fires together, they form thoughts. They are like currents in minds ocean that depends on the internal frequencies of mind. You might be surprised to know that 60 thoughts arrive in minutes. Thinking on specific things, events built a loop in head. It’s like playing the same tape again and again.

When it becomes impossible to break that loop, it turns into an overthinking disorder.

What is overthinking?

Overthinkung is a slow- continuous process that put wasteful thoughts in mind on repeated mode.

Psychologists have found that over-thinking can be detrimental to performance, and lead to anxiety and depression. Not only depression but it act as a gateway to much other mental illnesses.

You can’t give an excuse by minding it as a problem – solving approach. Clinical psychologist Helen Odessky, Psy. D., shares some insight.” So often people confuse overthinking with problem – solving, ” says Odessky, the author of ”Stop Anxiety from Stopping You.”

Trapped in thoughts that are prevalent to the present situation only churns mind power. You can’t stop its process in one day. Overthinking becomes a habit and every habit require time to heal.

Now, if you think you can stop these thoughts?

It’s a Big No. Thoughts travel faster than the blink of an eye. It vanishes from the mind in Nirvana. That was the state of the incarnation of the pure soul. But, for beginner thoughts are impossible to stop. Chanellising thoughts in the right direction is crucial to save the mind from burnout. We can change it’s direction in certain ways but before that we must know whether we are over thinking or not .

For an instance,

Suppose you have an interview in a well-reputed firm. Thousands of questions flew back- forth in your mind.

What if I couldn’t qualify?

What will they ask from me?

What if I stumble in mid of conversation?

What if I am unable to answer their questions!

And the list goes on. This scrap brims our mind with doubts bringing negative results. Results are even worse when we began to ponder deeper into it.

So, let’s talk about things that sincerely help to stop creating negative patterns:-

1. Be aware-

This the primary step keeping negative thoughts at bay.

One study from the University of Michigan found that 73% of adults between the ages of 25 and 35 overthink, as do 52% of 45- to 55-year-olds. Many of us justify ourselves by saying it’s normal to overthink about certain things.

Imagine that you are standing at the edge of the well. The chances to fall is 90% so would you like to imagine falling in a well.

Same thing applies when we overthink. Generally, overthinking dwells about the past or future.

Living in present and enjoying current state solves half of the problem. So, next time when you relax, simply ask yourself.

Thinking about the past will bring miseries and thoughts about future takes you nowhere.

2. Listen to a favourite song

Music is the panacea for the trouble mind. Choose a calm place and play your favourite song. Listening to the lyrics of the song break the chain of negative thoughts. The mind takes 21 days to build a new habit. Play songs in your leisure hours to make it a strong habit for overcoming from stress.

Here, a link of the song that helps to decree anxiety and stress.

3. Diversion is the key-

Not every thought demands attention. We do mistakes by scraping bin brimmed with negativity, fear, anxiety, greed, worry and so on. And the most interesting part is we carry it on our brain for long hours. Sometimes, these long hours becomes a day and then modified into a habit.

To divert our brain, we need to train our mind to work in a healthy atmosphere. Engaging our mind in productive activities is a big challenge that needs a quick remedy. Like playing chess, solving puzzles, brainstorming, writing, reading, gardening and so on.

Choose your hobby as a weapon to fight from negative thoughts. Believe it! It’s a win-win game.

4. Reverse the pattern

Reverse therapy helps to fight with mental illness. Don’t be in doubt if your chronic habit of thinking too much leads to mental disturbance. Overthinking kills by creating a vacuum in mind. If it is not checked, one got lost.

In that case, we need to reverse the thought process. Where each negative thought is countered by one positive thought. In beginning, it looks like climbing on the mountain but gradually things become easy.

Repeat this exercise thrice in a day and observe positive changes in the thought process.

5. Activate auto-suggestion mode-

Suggestions are the core tools to imbibe thoughts in the mind. Our subconscious mind accepts every suggestion, irrespective of its quality. So, it’s better to fuel our mind with positive thoughts.

Dr Joseph Murphy very well explained the concept of using auto-suggestion mode in his book, ”The power of the subconscious mind.”

It says, What ifs, I can’t, not possible, Will I should be replaced with

Yes, I can…

I will succeed.

It’s possible

I can do it

6. Bleed the thoughts

Writing every negative emotion is a therapy that should be practised daily or weekly. The best way to flush all negative thoughts is to write them on paper. We have heard many times, knowledge increase when distributed among others. Similarly, negativity diminishes when written or verbally exposed.

Every thought has a word in it and each word is powerful in the Universe. We feel relaxed after expressing what we feel. Similarly, bursting out negative thoughts lessen the burden exerted on the mind.

For 21 days tell yourself, I know whatever I am thinking that is sucking my brain is insane and it needs to stop. Don’t exhaust yourself while practicing these steps.

If you have other methods to stop negative thoughts, bring it here.

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