Picture prompt

Life spirals around like a monotonous silken thread

Trespassed from the loopholes of the horizon.

Am I daydreaming or its a portrait of insane art,

Imagination carved in disguised,

Salvaging earth as an imperishable soul.

Creatures lie fractured in a transparent jar,

Jar brimmed with beetles, bugs and seagulls

Highly superficial elements leaching on thy soul

Mapping the knots in indigenous brawls.

Am I unfurling the hidden motives of an artist?

Unveiled by layers of intense emotions. 

A monk dressed blue, dissenting ivory blues

Chanting hymns of the stoic philosophers.

Kisses of sky glued on purple pale lips,

Carrot swooned aesthetically in its grip.

Being coveted in his gloves, draping fresh red pulp.

Am I fantasizing romance with nature,

Or elegance shoved my soul in the illusionary tale.

10 thoughts on “Picture prompt

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    1. Thank you so much. Means a lot when appreciation comes from you. I am a big fan of your poems and currently reading ’Crimson skins’. And enjoying every single line and poem from it.


  1. This is phenomenal! The way you use such gorgeous imagery and the aesthetics painted along with the metaphors blows my mind every time. More power to you!

    Stay happy and healthy!

    Keep Writing!

    Enigma πŸ™‚πŸ’œ

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