Picture prompt

Life spirals around like a monotonous silken thread Trespassed from the loopholes of the horizon. Am I daydreaming or its a portrait of insane art, Imagination carved in disguised, Salvaging earth as an imperishable soul. Creatures lie fractured in a transparent jar, Jar brimmed with beetles, bugs and seagulls Highly superficial elements leaching on thy... Continue Reading →

Stumble upon

Her head stumbles upon the shady grove sucking those damp eyes. Eyes that pierce those giant trees wrapped in a canopy. From a distant, she saw the disillusion figure aligning the forest on flames. The fire that was the mere repercussion of the hue of saffron rays. Being tired of a long journey, she decides... Continue Reading →


Graced with words of love Embedded with hands in glove Splendid with the charisma of thoughts How beautifully a writer plots Feelings seized in the mind of ocean So profound , intangible notion Drowned in the darkness of emotions Writing with intense passion Ferverent love for writing never fades Blend with feelings , real and... Continue Reading →

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