Freckles of snow

Cotton hazes spread everywhere Parting the thread of panorama view Teeth chattering bones clutching my blue lips, Emulsifying adrenaline rush in the spine. Hues of seven wonders dwell here, Soaked up in the droplets of rain Inherited depth of charms on the glowing face

Picture prompt

Life spirals around like a monotonous silken thread Trespassed from the loopholes of the horizon. Am I daydreaming or its a portrait of insane art, Imagination carved in disguised, Salvaging earth as an imperishable soul. Creatures lie fractured in a transparent jar, Jar brimmed with beetles, bugs and seagulls Highly superficial elements leaching on thy... Continue Reading →


Scratches Sometimes it’s not even enough to bleed crumpled thoughts on a sheet. In the quest to pour raspberries on mind’s slate. The mind works like an artist nagging its nerves to burst those emotions that were forgone by the soul. Some scratches/ screeches crawl naked to practice necromancy at home. A home where things... Continue Reading →

Three Days, Three Quote Challenge: 1Day

Hello lovely people, I have been nominated by indishe for the three day , three quote challenge . Read her blogs here at https// Thank you for nominating me for this challenge😇 A picture needs no caption My nominees are: 1 lonelyauthorblog 2 Medha Chug 3 Shreya Jindal Stay happy and blessed😘

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