Heal Me

‘What the hell, are you saying’! , screamed Ananya .
My heart was racing at high-speed. My beloved Wife was sobbing like an innocent child .

All the vows, promises and the love which I bestowed on her flashed like a blurred memory.
My words have screwed up her mind and she began to groan at me .
‘How dare…… you point a question on my character’?
Wha….. What …. you mean’?. I’m not a virgin,….
she busted in anger.

Ananya red face shining with rage, her watery eyes and glossy lips was stammering in shock.
That day I realized ……. My World has crashed in front of my eyes.
The beads fallen on ground signified my failed marriage , unbearable loss. Thread of love, friendship and marriage weaved together ……… which she wore on her neck with a pride now tossed on the floor.
‘Every single beads were my love to her which was cursed by my words’.
I sit with the thud on the floor and began to punish myself for the blunder. Words can’t be taken aback , they were as helpless as me .
Smashed on the door awakened me from my crumpled thoughts but it was late…… She was gone . Gone…… forever.

I loved her more than my life. One part of me wants to stop her, cuddle , make love to her like my last wish….. ……but other part didn’t allow me to tell the truth.

‘I’m sorry Dhruv ! it’s too late. Cancer at fourth stage … Dr harry frowned’.
My face turned blue and I struggled for breath. My mind was at the verge to explode and brain has almost stopped working for a while .
After sixty seconds, juggling with the truth; I cleared my throat and asked him,
‘How much time I have….…………..?

‘ Only four months . … Sorry’! You are dying Dhruv’, doctor answered.

It was the end of my life. The last chapter……
‘She was the one who could heal me, my dying soul’.

I know I lose her but this pain is bearable than looking my queen in white sari.

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  1. Kya baat!kya baat!kya baat!ha ha.Sach m bahot h achi story hai ye.Tumne itti choti story m na sab kuch likh diya.Mai agar aise story likhunga tou kavi itta short aur acha nai kar pyunga.Keep it up rocker

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  2. It tears the heart to see love losing like that. The words we speak is better and worse than death to castigate on someone’s character. I have an issue with people who would discard someone who is not a virgin and the conservative mindset which is narrow reflects poorly. Sad, we can’t take words back. Your writing has sheer power.

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    1. Thanks a lot . The narrator use this word intentionally to separate her love , to save her from pain . First, I felt little embarrassing to use this word but I thought story demands it . Thanks a lot for your wonderful comment. I wish all new writers here will get a reader nd amazing person like you.

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      1. Spam is the problem everywhere, but spam filters should be able to catch them, but time to time check the spam also, sometimes good messages also go into spams. 🙂


    1. Yes! It’s just a fiction which from somewhere strike in my mind and I thought to penn it down. There are a few genuine reader like u who really read other bloggers content . Glad to see that I got a genuine one 😊.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Always a pleasure Shayra. 🙂 🙂 For I’ve always loved reading and writing. Isn’t that why we are here in WordPress? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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