The letter

Trisha,  I am not sharing you with a piece of the letter but giving you all that I have...  Your sour and sweet memories, awful moments still haunts me every night when the day I lost you.  The crimson frickles were laid on the windowsill as like snowflakes dressed on the bed waking her from... Continue Reading →

Striving for Survival

Death looms in every street Gripping mortals in its blood-stained teeth. Encircled by pandemic curls,Like a slitter shedding in hurlsDrawn folks at the verge of extinction,As Nature revives motherland from fatal consumption. Somewhere lamenting verses,To soothe human's verdictBeing in quarantine has become legacyBasics are our new affluent policySweaty warrior in white attirePouring fresh blood with... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Death

Hey folks, hope you are doing well. Where the nation evolves in mysterious combat and everyone waits for peace. On the other side, our subconscious mind laid asleep in a shell. Later, it was unaware of what's happening around or like it cares least. A mind, a chariot that exerts an inexorable force to dive... Continue Reading →


Hear me from within Dark deep soul O! Clinch my fist, Clinch my tongue Drag me back, Drag me back O! I need your help, O! I feel the crack Coil of silence in the blue water Hammering my brain to stop Hear me from within Dark deep soul Exposed aghast marks on whore Embraced... Continue Reading →

Heal Me

'What the hell, are you saying'! , screamed Ananya . My heart was racing at high-speed. My beloved Wife was sobbing like an innocent child . All the vows, promises and the love which I bestowed on her flashed like a blurred memory. My words have screwed up her mind and she began to groan... Continue Reading →

Sand To Ashes

Mortal body lurching in dusky light Feeling nostalgia, faded memories Melancholy sound echo in mind Deadly silence begin to tease him His pale skin disgraced him Dark sting of pain throbbed his heart Single inch of him craved for rebirth Chapter of his life ends here Realized him that…. It's a Last breath from nasty... Continue Reading →

Love of Memories

Love of memories, Lingered in my mind Warmth of mother's hand, Embraced her child Mewling and puking in nurse arm, Delight every inch of mine Ravishing beauty around, Pearl's gleam in sunshine Coarse  path of treacherous life, Exploring panorama  view from great height Dreaminess in atmosphere, Enlightened my mind True love and emotions, Melancholy song... Continue Reading →


Mom Why you killed me !Mom Why you killed me! I shed tears from swollen eyes I woke from nightmare,repented my inside A blue light,haunted me ,standing beside As it came closer to me ,to make me realize It's a sin of my past deeds ,drenched me from inside I fed her ,nurture her like a... Continue Reading →

Adventurous Night

Sailed in the life boat,looked aside What a fate has discovered,hovers in the   mind Gaze at his wild eyes,Discovered blood of mine Savoured fresh juice ,lustful toungue Swaying in delight Out of blue a long jump,scared me from inside Adrenaline rushed in nerves,Drenched away fear to kept aside Body burnt in ashes,Withered  from outside... Continue Reading →

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