Lost Me

Hey lovelies!

Hope you are having a great day.I’m back with another interesting post which we can relate to our lives.I’m finding four people ,Will you help me! 

They  are not my well wishers ,nor so important in my life🤔

Who are they,Do they really exist🙄

Phew🤐,Confused What rubbish I’m spitting !. Yes,You are Right,what sluggish people think , “society kya kahegi,”log kya kahenge”.A favourite dialogue of parents and relatives  I guess🤔.The Mom’s favourite dialogue” “Tumhe dusre ghar Jana h “,Tumari Umar mh Meri shadi ho gayi thi”😂

Life is very simple ,then Why it seems a roller coaster ride , like Someone kicked  hard on ass😬. Human is  a social animal who has designed everything  complex and figure it through over thinking🤔. We are engrossed in never-ending battle which is inside us.A fight to prove ,A fight to compete in the race .A race which has no ends ,no limits ,no boundaries .

Here a few lines :-

I’m lost ,in the mind pool of ocean

I’m lost,in the waves of rhythmic motions

I’m lost,in the kinda darker notions

I’m lost,in the   sly portions

From my  freaked emotions

We lost ourselves and forgot our identity.Hey,I’m not saying about knowing the name ,but the real me .Who are you ?🙄

People thinking  esp dear ones affect us from within .Why you are not like him/her?

Why don’t you behave properly ,When will you grow up and … goes on😥.The childhood memories are the best phase of one’s life ,a treasure box (yaado ka sandook jab kholo toh sirf ek yaad h nhi rulati Balki ap us Samandar mh gota lagate ho Jha se vapas aane ka Dil nhi karta)❤❤.

😂,This is my dialogue not from any movie.

Sorry,for being a little crazy😎

The worst childhood memories haunt in nights which open the doors of darkness ,”The Dark World”.It dragged to never-ending torture , frequent medical check-ups, appointment with psychiatrist ,sleeping pills,insomnia and clinical depression.See,Demons laughing 😈 and the innocent Soul veil in the pain.😢

What pain I’m talking about?

The pain of loosing oneself,the Real me.

World will never change,nor the people.We allways crave for someone  who understand ,listen to us but no one will  ever be there.Never😓

There is only one person in a whole Universe who knows What is best for us,Our Weakness , Strength ,Desires and fantasies.Guess,Who🤔.

Go and stand in front of the mirror ,Mirror never lies.😇Love that person.

 .Find yourself and believe .We are the best and special. I would Love to hear your thoughts ,if you like it.Stay happy and blessed😘



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  1. The past haunting us, the realization that we are the best person who understand us is the takeaway from the post.

    Ofcourse you have penned well, highlighting the journey one goes through the course of life, worrying about things that don’t matter much, people leaving, people betraying and what not, but at the end the one person that always stays with us is ourselves.

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  2. Agree with every single words of yours. Why this society interfere in our life. Let us free and live us the life what we think. Yes, there is difficult to find one who understand us. But that’s the life. Life never be easy. So live the life, stay happy.

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    1. First of all ,thanks for visiting here.Title “lost Me “bcoz I ,you and all are lost somewhere in the World who dont know ourself,caliber,strength.I thought it fits with the content.I never mind if you can suggest better one.

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      1. But I have not found myself ,yet .Still I appreciate your efforts to suggest the title.Sorry,plz don’t mind.If it work with the content ,I will surely chnge it.You dont like it?

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      2. You willing to be found. You already know yourself if you want others to know about how much power and potential they possess. You gotta realize you hold to strength of gods and will so strong that can bring down mountains. If you already know that you know yourself.


      3. I didn’t inspire you. Just told you what you wanted to hear. That’s what writers do I guess. Remember that there is a sky as wide as your thoughts and a sea as deep as your honest prayers. 😁


  3. Incredible and so true.
    I loved these lines👇..

    “World will never change,nor the people.We allways crave for someone  who understand ,listen to us but no one will  ever be there.Never😓

    There is only one person in a whole Universe who knows What is best for us,Our Weakness , Strength ,Desires and fantasies.Guess,Who🤔.

    Go and stand in front of the mirror ,Mirror never lies.😇Love that person.”
    The timing of your post for me is “BOHT SAHI”…


  4. “Love yourself” the best word and It really left an imprint on my mind.By the way your shayari was really good.Loved the way you described.It was unique


      1. Areee ni ni it’s really very good.You know writing in hindi is more difficult than doing it in hindi acc. To me


      2. Disciple means follower.Hermit means the hut of the sage(Sadhu or preacher).If you read my poem then you will see that I was about to step on the ant but the ant did bite me to save herself.She did not fear me.And previously I did fear the sky,sun,moon,ocean and tree which were way too bigger than me and I “Retreated”.Mai unse dar gaya tha but wo ant aur mujhme bhi size ka bahot farq tha but wo dari ni mujhse.So she preached me life’s lesson so I became her disciple.Sorry thoda lamba ho gaya.Wordpress p ni hona chahye tha I hope


  5. The dialogues are so true. Specially the ones which mothers say……
    Awesome penmanship Gargi… Yes we should trust and love ourselves. Very nice poem.


  6. Loved reading this post…very much logical and reflects the truths.
    Its really very tough to tolerate the society.
    the incidents of life are always there to disperse our thoughts…sometime demotivates, sometime makes us dependable….whatever it is we never loose and forget our own identity.


    1. Yes,true and I’m glad that you understand the message. We all can relate to it so well,bcoz we all deal with this kind of situation in our life,may be in different ways.

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