Disciple in an Ant’s Hermit

Hey lovelies,

Here is. Wonderful masterpiece written by my amazing friend Ujjwal .I liked it so much that I want to share on my site

I admired the sky searching for it’s border
The sky twisted it’s mouth with a pride rather

“Be in your limits” the sky laments

It was his time;I must bear the torment.

Here,a one more masterpiece of my friend Ujjwal .He is a amazing writer who creates magic in his writings.

Here ,one more beautiful poem of him

Forest Is Not Dead

Subsequently I managed to reach the dark wood

Pinched yellow path,demarcated well by those trodden black leaves

Essence of the soil well manifested by the off-beat rain

Thick brown stems and swaying branches

Here a link:-


Must visit  Ujjwalrealblog and enjoy reading his awesome posts.

22 thoughts on “Disciple in an Ant’s Hermit

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  1. Thanks a lot shayra for such kind act of yours.I am so so glad and pleased at the same moment.Just a thing,I think you did a little mistake in the title of poem…Thanks a ton


      1. Tumne jo poem reblog kari hai uske title me tumne galti ki hai.Mere poem ka title hai ‘Disciple in an ant’s hermit’ but tumne likha hai ‘Discipline In ant’s hermit’


      2. My pleasure.If you are interested in politics then you may like my new post.You read whenever you are free.Thankyou for reblog once again shayra


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