Got Unique Blogger Award Again

Hey beauties,

I’m grateful to God for giving me  an amazing ,lovely blogger’s friend.Your appreciation ,awards make my day and I feel blessed.

I’m thankful to my sweet  blogger friend Prakash  Rao who nominated me for this Award.He is a genuine person with a kind heart.He writes all with his heart and yet so beautifully.

Must visit his blog and enjoy his writings😊

I’m ignoring rules as We all know it very well indeed.

Here,The questions asked by him :-

1. Which is  your favorite or Bollywood ?

I like Bollywood not Cricket .

2. Who is your crush on WordPress?

Ahm!(You must be kidding),Still I can’t choose any criteria to put them there and measure Who is best?. If I compare them with their thoughts ,writing .Then all of You are my crush .You all are best .💝💝

3. Who is the most irritating person in your personal life (name) and why?

There is no one irritating person in my life .All show love ,care for  me whether it’s a family or friends .I’m a lucky person.💝

4. Three changes you want to see in WordPress and why?

(Good question).I have not thought about it .I think it’s a great platform to connect with  brilliant writers and spread love ,thoughts all over the World😘.Might be some changes are needed for blogs like themes,Advertising and game.Yup,(.sounds interesting). Dont you like the idea ,If we together can play game ,Game of Writing😘.

Ignore,(Just A Random Thought).

5. Name the person who has led you down by not nominating you till date?

Hey,I can never say that if someone has not nominated me means he /She has led me down .I ‘m not going to  judge people here .It’s a platform to get connected with amazing writers ,share our thoughts and learn .Nomination means that You appreciate their work,love it ,enjoy and have learnt from them .A  kind gesture to say thanks to the Family of Blogger’s friends💝.I will nominate each blogger whenever I receive Awards.No matter,Whether they accept it or not.I love all of them 💝💝.

My nominees are:-

1)Girija Arora

2)Al Saher

3)Utkarsh Sharma



6)Doodling Panda

7)Learning Poet

8)Richa Pandey

9) Sumit Official

10)Mr Mel

11)Just Me


13)Gaurav Anand

14) Megala


The questions for Nominees are

1)How you feel when you get appreciated here and from whom you receive  best feedback?

2)Your favourite travel destination?

3)Which place give you peace when you are disturbed ?

4)What you like most in my blog?

5)Share your blogging experience with us ,Few lines?

More awards are pending which I will post it very soon .I’m glad that with every Award I can nominate all my fellow blogger’s.Thanks to all for the immense support and love😘

In my next post,I will nominate all  others so that no one will be left . You all deserve Awards for the hard Work.

Stay happy and blessed💝💝

Love you all😘

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