Hey guys,

I want to share my happiness with my lovely blogger friends who have supported me throughout this journey.

Today, I got my Book (Anthology) .

Hurray, this feeling is amazing when I saw my poem in Published Book .

I give this credit to “All of My lovely Readers” who appreciated my work nd Motivated me . Cheers!

Thanks to Gaurav sir who helped me in editing . Thanku sir 😊

Love u guys😘


80 thoughts on “Celebration

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      1. Good morning buddy..yeah I am good…but it’s still there..I don’t know what she is thinking about me and all..to search her I don’t even know her name..Just trying to forget all..but in someway it is coming back or maybe you can say it will never go back..because of intensity of impact

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      2. Alright . Give some time nd everything will be alright again . All is well πŸ‘. It’s okk to feel like this , you have pure feelings . Might be it will make you much better person than before .

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      3. I don’t know better person in the sense of what?? Personality or character?? And actually I agree with you…But I feel like that much synchronicity may not happen in future with another girl..even if I forgot this girls start finding other one,I always gonna compare with this girl..because without seeing her face just by talking I was attracted..and with other women it might be like attraction through body,face,flirting,achievement,economical reasons etc…that’s the problem…

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      4. Oh . You r partially right . You share similar thoughts, interest nd she is different that’s the reason of attraction . She put a powerful impact on your soul too. But , just to be stubborn for someone unknown is not right . Wt shld I say about these feelings ! You know better .

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      5. I am not stubborn..actually I have thought in this point of view several times…because I am just attracted to some traits of her..but More than that she is very good human being..And I am trying to forget her..somehow it’s coming back..I will definitely forget her….Does universe can answer what’s going through her mind about all this??? And if she doesn’t match me,I will definitely forget her,or if she has ND or going to get married..I am fine with everything. But always. You will encounter a question WHAT IF

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      6. I understand buddy. This phase comes in everyone life , I think . Universe knows everything , if she is made for u nd if you have truly asked from Universe . She will reply to your text msg sure and not then she is not for u . Samjh jao k she has some purpose in your life , find that purpose . Wt changed you nd Are u happy with that change?

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      7. The change that has come to my life is that I never thought those kind of girls exist in this world..I always dreamt of those kind of women..she is the reality of that..which I am awestruck..and other changes….Not much..I think my personality is already decided..only little changes are coming..that too not because of her.

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      8. Hahahaha, bas dialogue yaad aa rha h baat sunkr k kise se_ (fill your girl name) pyar krne k liye tumhe uski b jarurat nhi . Ek tarfa pyar k takat h khuch aur hoti h .. ye do logo mh nhi batati , is pr sirf mera haq h . Ishq k baasi haar b gye toh kya gam ….. . Fit beth tha h tum pr . Don’t think , I ‘m making fun of your feelings . Pr baat sahi h ye.

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      9. I don’t know what exactly love is . Jab hoga tab pta chalega . It’s just. A pure feeling for someone special without expecting from that person in return . I guess , just my thought .

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      10. Yes..you are right..but its intense so I am feeling the pain..that I had never experienced before…But you are a great help through days…which are tough..I am Soo thankful to you

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      11. Always welcome . I don’t know about these feelings , aisa nhi h k mne life mh kbhi kise k lie feel nhi kiya , I often go through depression nd broken but later I realized that All happens for good . Jo apka h vo khi nhi jyga , nd jo nhi h kismt mh vo kbhi nhi ayga . Bas phr jb destiny , Universe sath ho nd wants to give u best toh phr kis baat ka pain , worry. God knows better than us nd serve us best 😊. Love yourself nd work on your dream . Ek h life h , yha toh haskr jeeyo ya phr tadap kr.

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