Funny Guy

Hey lovelies,

Hope you are doing great.This is my first post for VDW (Viewers Demand Week).I’m thankful to my dear blogger friend Uncertainities(Gaurav )who  requested me to  write about  a funny person.(Interesting)hmm☺.

He is  friendly and kind person who write beautiful stories ,poems .His contents are worthy to read .Visit his page Soul Trance and enjoy reading his work😊.     

Here I go,

In a sunny day,I went to park

Lush green grass,moist at tree bark

Heard tweet of birds, Mourning song in a delight

Golden groove leaves  dazzled in sunlight

Whooshing winds caressed my skin

I saw a guy , embracing a child , by holding his chin

His  sudden glimpse ,benumb my limb

Expressive eyes , humorous jokes

Melted me from within

While sitting on Sea- Saw ,he smiled

Funny gestures,made me think for a while

Bewildered emotions,lingered in my mind

Infatuation or  being in  love ,at first sight

Enjoyed his company ,in a mist of  twilight

I screamed at top of  the height

Fair complexion ,Good Sense of humour

Embellished my soul from inside

I would love to hear your viewsπŸ’.If you liked it ,drop a comment 😊.

Stay tuned and have a good day😊

62 thoughts on “Funny Guy

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      1. Yes,one guy has proposed me in a park .I was so surprised and don’t know how to react .After listening his talks (he didn’t leave),I found him funny and humorous in some way.But that was the most embarrassing moment in my life.


    1. Yeah,it’s just a imagination .Thanks fir visiting .I feel bad bcoz I was not reading my dear bloggers work ,engaged in some work.Pardon me ,but very soon I will come back in flow.

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      1. I was really hoping it was real so I’d take notes from him. Lovely piece, earned a follow.


      1. That’s cool .Glad to meet you someone like depicted in the poem .It’s really a good personality .Fun loving ,Unique in his way ,reserved , understanding and adorable.You are lucky to have itπŸ€—

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  1. Growing with every single post dear.Khud k maan s likhna aur dusron ki demands pr likhne m bahot farq hota hai.I have faith you will surpass all your odds in writing one day.Would love to see you at different platforms and get connected too
    Best regards


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