Human Leftovers

Hey lovely people!

Hope you all are doing great !😊.I’m back with yet another interesting post to amuse my readers .

“Kshitij Why you were  not ready yet” ?We were late for the wedding ceremony “exclaimed Mom.

Tushar  my best buddy who cordially invite us in his marriage .I’m overwhelmed to hear that he was going to settle in his life with her childhood love.😍

“Yes,Mom I’m ready” !To my good luck ,There was less traffic on the way .We reached to “Agastha Banquet” at time.

It was a grand , exquisite place brimmed with Aroma of” Orchards flowers” .  Illumination is everything when it comes to elevate an ordinary space to something extraordinary. Decoration of  fluorescent lights  were the  centre of attraction. The loud   music was throbbing my heart .    From the creamy curries to the rich chocolate desserts, it was  an amazing spread with no compromise in taste!😇

It pained me when I saw people ruined   the food ,they threw their half-eaten plates in a dustbin.This serious problem was not only confined to one country ,but it was widespread in all  other parts of the World.

“How One Can spoil the food” ?🤔


Sneha (,my little cute sister) 😘while departing from place  hold a ice-cream cup in her hands .She has eaten half of it when suddenly it slipped from her hands.She started crying😭.When I look around and saw her gloomy face ,I was taken aback at the vulnerable sight.Few  children’s , who showed signs of malnutrition ,sunken chest in torn clothes licked the leftover ice-cream which she accidentally split  on road.

This picture sadden  my heart 😥


I realised that I’m so lucky and grateful to have everything in life which is necessary for survival.There are million of poor children’s who were forced to sleep empty stomach and here We spoil a lot of food in social gatherings,events and in Wedding ceremonies.

It’s a humble request to my readers ,think twice and thrice before spoiling food . Instead of just filling food in Dustbins,its kind enough to fill it in Poor’s mouth.

 Save Food,Save Poor life!

Save Planet from human crises!

If you like it , please share your views with me and your friends.Take a pledge for a noble pride.

Stay happy and blessed😆

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    1. I would like to thnkx for the efforts yo7u8#21&;ve put in writing this web site. I’m hoping the same high-grade website post from you in the future also. Actually your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own blog going now. Really blogging is spreading its wings and growing fast. Your write up is a great example.


  1. It’s so true. We’ve so many options when it comes to food. We’ve got loving moms and hotels, whatever we wanna eat just ask them to do so, and delicious food is there in front of us in no time. But even I feel so sorry when I see poor people begging for food. That’s actually the time when we realize the importance of food. Top stuff again. Keep going !

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    1. Thanks a lot to agree ,but it’s a bitter truth that we disrespect food in marriage,events and create a lot of mess there.Instead of filling our plates and then throwing it in dustbin ,we can fill it in little amount .Wastage can be stopped by thinking at the plight of starving Poor’s.Hope my message is conveyed to all😇

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      1. I hope so ,I can’t change the people behaviour,but I can spread this message to my dear readers to share it and convinced them to respect the food.I will give this credit to my brother who never waste his food and always warned me to think about million poor children’s die due to hunger.Afterwards I learnt this lesson and never leave my food.


      2. I’m a person who never eat her food in marriages and waste it like others do ,but he always try to convince me that never leave your food .Fill it little which can satisfy your hunger .I have seen him that if by chance he filled his plate with more dishes ,he never leave it in-between .

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  2. I’m glad that my parents have always taught me the value of food. I can never throw away food. I think of the kids half my age begging for a small piece of bread. I think of all the empty stomachs and people dying from malnutrition. I don’t know how people can waste so easily.

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    1. Yes,I agree with you .I’m ashamed of my habit .Sometimes our wrong deeds convert in habits .It has become my habit to waste food in marriages ,but I’m glad that I have taken a step to change it.Now ,I’m cautious for not leaving my food in-between .

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      1. Yeah,I have posted it here so that I will always remember that the message which I want to convey and the change which I want to see in others .First I should Apply on myself .It will remind me forever .

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  3. Nice post !!! Lines are so kind that touches my inner heart and you are right that we have to save the food for those 800 million food less childs. I also feel glad that you just see such a situation and gives it a place in your blog.

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  4. This was something on my mind since a long time. I feel extremely bad whenever I see the food being wasted. Feeling happy to see a blog on this crucial issue. On one side you see the food being thrown to dustbins and on the other side , you see people don’t get anything to eat for days. It’s sad but we should raise awareness and can do our bit.

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  5. This is so true. I always feel bad when I see people throwing away food. In my family we always try to finish everything but sometimes we do throw away things. But I’m trying to change that. If we all do these small things the world would be a better place.
    Great post! I really loved it! xxx

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    1. Thank a lot .I’m so happy to meet you here again.You are the very first Blogger who liked my post and gave me feedback . Afterwards I was not able to found you here .Glad to meet you and read your awesome posts

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      1. Aw!It’s the biggest compliment I have ever got here .So so…sweet of you😘.I have never thought that I can put such a great impact on amazing , beautiful friend like you.Thanks for the honour .I will try my best to give you good contents😊


  6. Must say gargi your post inspired me a lot.Will try to write over this.How come do you think about these?You are an excellent observer yar.Beautifull and strong words.Heart touching


    1. Thanks a lot for your beautiful comment.I haven’t observed it ,I just want to send this message to all over the World .I choose to write it in story form to give more impact .Just an imagination of my mind .Just picturise it and wrote it to transform in reality.New Trial😊

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      1. Bahot acchi thi sacchi m yar.Your thought is really appreciable dear.Nailed it gargi.Keep up the good work


      2. Okk,kota mh jo students itne sucide kr rhe h ,kya tumko uska reason pta h .Timro kya thinking h tum is se related kuch likh sakte ho apne style mh.What say?

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      3. Yeah i was there for 2 years.Well aware of the fact why I happens.Tumne bahot badhiya idea diya.Thankyou.Tum kavi ni gayi kota?


      4. Waise jab mai kota m tha tab maine start kiya tha likhna.Tou maine kota pr b kuch likha tha.I am sending you the link.When you get time padhna


      5. I think we both can discuss a lot.Your ideas are so awe inspiring.But again this platform constraint.Can’t we discuss anywhere else


      6. I donot have insta.But ya I have fb.Perhaps better than WP to discuss.But how to find you?


      7. With what name does it exist?Or rather You can find me with Ujjwal Singh.A picture of my own in that.


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