Amazing Likes

Thanks a lot to my lovely friends here on WordPress.I have no words to express my love,gratitude to all lovely people over here .

Thanks for supporting me and inspiring me throughout in this journey.😘

Have an amazing life and stay happy.

Blessings are on your wayπŸ˜‡

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    1. Thank you mam.Sorry ,I didn’t remember the book name suggested by you on philosophy .Would you mind answering me again .This time I will write it down.I liked reading human psychology ,mind , behaviour and all interesting facts .Want to read book which should be very interesting and knowledgeable one.

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  1. and shayra ji i found the blog searching for hindi poetry( confused due to the name Shayara😊) i didn’t find one yet all your posts i read were amazing. great keep writing


    1. Thanks a lot for your beautiful words .I appreciate your efforts that you took time for reading my posts .I’m glad that you liked it.I also write Hindi poems ,later shifted to English ,just to challenge myself.Very soon I will again start poems in Hindi too.😊


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