Milestone Reached

Hey guys,here I am feeling really happy on my achievement which may seem small to you but is really a milestone reached for me.

(A little background here)

I enjoyed writing very much .It’s the only thing which gave me pleasure and peace .I have written many poems and articles but never shared on any writing platform as I never felt confident enough but then I took an initiative to start my very own virtual space. A huge thanks to WordPress which gave me such a brilliant user base from all over the World .I then started reading blogs and loved all of them which gave me motivation and a desire to write more as it gives me a delight .Words can’t express how elated I felt when I got likes and comments from my dear readers .I’m blessed to have a such a reading and writing community on WordPress .Hands down it is one of the most easiest way to connect with a whole new community.

Thanks to all my readers from my team through the core of our hearts to support us ,inspire us in this journey.I will try my best to entertain you with my posts.Please keep supporting us in this journey and shower your blessings on us.

God Bless You and have a blissful life.

I would like to give credit of my achievement to our team.

Our Team- 1) Gargi -Writer (Poem)

                    2) Shayra -Writer (Article)

                    3) Karan -Editor & Advisor

                    4) Kanika – Writer & Editor

(Hey! And meanwhile don’t forget to share and follow my blog:)



33 thoughts on “Milestone Reached

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  1. Congratulations! May you inspire and fascinate many more people, like you inspired me! I’m grateful to be one of your readers! Be blessed!

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  2. Well done for taking the step of making this blog and for trying to spread wisdom and caring through the Word Press community. Thank you for the follow and good luck with your endeavours

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  3. There is a flow in your writing…also when I got my first 100 which was not long ago I jumped out of my virtual space to reality…Read, Write, and Repeat became my religion which I have been following since December of 2016.
    Congrats and wishing you many more zeroes after 💯!


    1. I’m so grateful to you mam for nominating me for this Award.Thanks for the love and support.Have a good day mam and keep writing awesome posts 😍


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