Humanity at stake

Hello friends!

Hope your weekends are going great.

But today I was intrigued by some thoughts which I thought I should share with you all.

In the era of modernisation and individual liberalisation , Some people are loosing their essence ,character and humanity.TV, social media and newspapers are all flooded with news of killing ,murder ,theft ,acid attack ,Women Harassment ,road accidents.Our daily life is bombarded with these violent news.

Yesterday,I was pained by hearing news of road accident on TV.One young girl who was going for her daily tuitions with her grandfather met with an accident. The shameful part which irritated me most is that nobody came to her rescue. Some people present their were engrossed in making video of the event but no single person appeared to help her only after some time a few people helped Her taking to hospital. Her clothes were smeared with blood and she was groaning in pain.She fought with death for 15 min ,in severe pain and injuries but the passers-by, saw her and moved away.We would never know how much she could have changed the world .

This brings too much shame for our nation !

It’s not only a one incidence ,but the history is repeats every time and not only in India this happens many time in many parts of the world which makes me think where is our world going ,where the humanity ,the mankind is going.

This also makes me remember the Brutal Rape case in Delhi which itself put a question on our self-respect,morality and led people to a protest.

Many news channels which interviewed her friend who was with her at that time were told that she was lying naked ,  blooded ,vulnerable in that cold and dark night .Many cars stopped on highway , looked at them and moved on.I’m not saying that all are same .A few good people helped them ,took them to hospital which shows they have humanity in their heart.

It twinge me from inside to see the shame brought by some Indians. These are the same people who shows fake support,concern by changing dp on what’s app ,fb and through tweet ,who curse the system and government for it.

Do they have no responsibility as individuals to help others?

On the other side ,I salute our soldiers for the true dedication,fervour love for Motherland.They die for the sake of country and even show sympathy to their enemies.

A big salute to them!🇮🇳

Leo Tolstoy “The sole meaning of our life is to serve humanity “.

If this still continues then I’m afraid that there will be only animals inside a human body.

We all must now realise that mankind has to do its best to rescue humanity which is the biggest thing at stake on this planet.

Please give your valuable comments  if u liked it .I will be glad to hear it from my loving readers.I would also like to read and hear your experience and thoughts.

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  1. Right on one had we look over the stories which gives the live examples of the existence of humanity but on other side looking on these incidents taking place all over the world makes us feel that humanity is slowly losing its existence!!!

    I feel pain for our soldiers who are giving life’s for there country and all their efforts going in vain!!

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    1. Yes ,I feel same thoughts .But We can contribute for them on our part by helping others when they are in need or stuck in unfavourable condition .As a good human we can do this ,a small effort can do wonder .To. bring change ,we need to change ourselves.

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    1. Thanku so much .Yes ,hats off to their courage . Everyone has fear of death and want to escape from it ,but the soldiers did not care for it .Death moves with them and they gave smile to it.

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  2. We all can make a difference if we choose to. This sums it all up: “We all must now realise that mankind has to do its best to rescue humanity which is the biggest thing at stake on this planet.” 🙂 ~ Bernice

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  3. Yes it happens..
    Few days ago.. one marriage party went out from my village for marriage at brides place.. it was an evening time.. Among them one person fall down into the well in darkness .. who were drunk some people see that scene.. n they were told that news to who were managi


  4. Managing that marriage… but they first prefferd to complete that marriage till 2 hours.. After marriage when they tried to save his life.. he was passed away from this world…
    If they try to save his life before complete marriage.. I think now .. he could be with us today..
    I felt really bad for him… After knew that news..


    1. Yeah ,sorry I have read half of your comment,thats why I didn’t know the whole story.It was really bad news ,how ones marriage can be so important than ones life ! Shameful

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  5. Chasing down the temporary material things, humans have grown so ignorant of their greatest gift- their feelings. Probably all we need is already inside us, what really needs to be done is some stirring and sieving. things loose their value with time, but this simple idea is often understood when the time is almost over. Our gut never misleads us but we seldom pay any heed to it. And in all this turmoil, life has become just a profit and loss sheet. People don’t care for people. The worst part being that now the world often terms this lack of empathy as ‘maturity’.
    I liked your way of thinking and probably this stupidity (that’s probably what them matured would call it; i think it is sensibility) only can save humanity in humans.


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