What is significance of life?

Death is closer to those who don't know how to live. We live to make memories, to cheer those past days. Days when we were little blooms drenching in fresh rain. We live to feel, touch, smell and taste the fragrance of lilies embraced on the trees, dwindling on small twigs. We live to live... Continue Reading →


Christ, a Sun's God Tempting us to love thy enemy dissipating mercenary and shrewdness from whole cosmology Preaching of Mahayana Sutra To evolve oneself in buddhsatva Spinning wheel of karma transforming Mind into fullness; a state of Nirvana The future Mahadi will step up with The justice, the wisdom and the trade Soaring feminism on... Continue Reading →

Humanity at stake

Hello friends! Hope your weekends are going great. But today I was intrigued by some thoughts which I thought I should share with you all. In the era of modernisation and individual liberalisation , Some people are loosing their essence ,character and humanity.TV, social media and newspapers are all flooded with news of killing ,murder... Continue Reading →

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