Close to suffering

Trigger warning– Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Mental illness

Hey folks, hope you are safe and healthy. It took so much patience to write what I am going through. As while writing, it might trigger the brain to recall those thoughts. For me, writing is not only a therapy but a panacea for the mind.

I have seen BK Shivani interviews and all other pieces of stuff that claim to reduce stress. If I am not wrong, we all have gone through so much in our lives especially in lockdown.

Actually, they never claim but their intention was to heal our mind.

But, here my question is do we admit to ourselves that something is awful?

If not, then ask yourself as this is the question of life and death. Either we can die by our illness or fight by understanding it well. And deep down we all are great listeners of our voice. Being rejecting it gives an open invitation to demons to dump us down.

’Don’t be a slave of your suffering, Be a warrior in healing.’

Cause of suffering:-

The root cause behind immense suffering is our clutter thoughts. One has well said, ”Be very careful about what you think your thoughts run your life”.

Thoughts have the great power to heal or to destroy.

One negative thought gives birth to a thousand pessimist thought that evolves in mind. It flows like an adrenaline rush in a body. You could hear it’s an explosion in various forms.

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