Liebster Award Again

Hey guys, Hope you are having a great fun at the starting of 2018. Yup, this is my first liebster Award of this Year. It's a great pleasure and honour to have this award , though I have got it before . But it always excite me whenever I got Award on WordPress . I'm... Continue Reading →


Heavenly Blessings

Hey friends, This year is going to end and we have entered in 2018. We all have sweet and sour memories of 2017 but now it's time to say goodbye to them . New opportunities are ready to Welcome in 2018 😊. It's a great and wonderful journey on WordPress as it has given me... Continue Reading →


Graced with words of love Embedded with hands in glove Splendid with the charisma of thoughts How beautifully a writer plots Feelings seized in the mind of ocean So profound , intangible notion Drowned in the darkness of emotions Writing with intense passion Ferverent love for writing never fades Blend with feelings , real and... Continue Reading →


  Thanku so much to believe in me and in my writing. Finally, my wait is over and I received the book. Wow, amazing to read my own poem and name in Anthology. It's like dream come true. Thanku ton for your immense support and genuine comments. Thanks , for making it possible. Love you... Continue Reading →


​आईना दिखाए सच्चाई इंसान की रग रग से वाकिफ कराऐ एक स्त्री आईने में खुद को निहारे देख देख आईना फिर मुस्काये आया गुस्सा उसको बड़ा कुंडित स्वर में  आईने से पूछा क्यों मुस्काये तू इतना बड़ा आईना बोला , तू सोचती है तुझमे है नशा  बड़ा पर है तुझको खुद पर गुररूर बड़ा, ये... Continue Reading →

Cherish Diwali

  Hey guys, Wishing you a very Happy Diwali 😘 Festives of lights With a adorable sights Glitter in eyes, shines bright Enormous surroundings linger in twilight   Mingling, gossiping and cherishing Spending quality time with families Treasuring long lasting memories Wishing you all my friends prosperous, happy Diwali😘


रेशम के धागे से भी नाज़ुक माँ के कोमल स्पर्श से भी सौम्य होते है ये रिश्ते कुछ उम्रदराज़ साथ निभाते, कुछ बीच मे ही छोड़ जाते वीराने से, कुछ अपने से , तो कुछ गुमनाम से रह जाते न मज़हब है इनका, न कोई धर्म, तो न कोई  मुकाम कभी लबों पर झिलमिल मुस्कान... Continue Reading →

Hide And Seek

It's not a game, nor foreplay Reality of dynamic life in the play Entwined  in various patterns, shapes like a clay Outbursting  Impeccable sufferings of chaotic mind Treacherous path, anxiety,  fear, rat race lurching in mind's cave Perseverance fight of mind and heart , Victory or defeat  in hands of divine Positive vibes Overlapping devilish... Continue Reading →


भूल बैठा खुद को , मैं था एक मुसाफिर यहाँ जीवन की आपा- धापी मे , गुम होते गए निशान क्यों था मैं अनजान, नाम का था बस मैं इंसान आज धूल पढ़ी है तस्वीर पर, निशब्द है ये जुबान अल्फाज़ो के अर्थ ही नहीं, सांसो ने छोड़ दिया जब साथ कौन था मैं, कहा... Continue Reading →

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