भारत माता की जय जय कार सुन रहा सारा संसार आज़ादी सिर्फ एक दिन की गुलाम नहीं हर दिन जशन हो, रमे इसमें हम सभी कहीं है ऊंचे पर्वत , कही है श्रृंख्लाए कहीं है लम्बी नदियाँ, कहीं है गहरी गुफाएं लहू से सराबोर अमृतसर का वो बाग इन्सानियत का हुआ था जहाँ कत्लेआम यूँ... Continue Reading →


Hide And Seek

It's not a game , nor foreplay Reality of dynamic life in the play Weaved in various patterns, modified with a clay Outbursting impeccable sufferings of chaotic mind Perseverance fight of mind and heart , Victory or defeat in hands of divine Positive vibes overlapping a devellish side It's not a game, nor foreplay Flooded... Continue Reading →

Slice of Love

I boasted my head in proud The scent of mulberry woods That makes my heart jumped When you abruptly bumped In my arms, craving you more I yearn to meet you at twilight The touch of your velvet skin. I yearn your first glance, That swing my heart in glee. With love I took pledge... Continue Reading →

Unturned Pages

Some pages of heart Clandestine in-depth of each beats Penetrating love and emotions Or secretion of oxytocin's I blindfolded eyes pointing to sky In the realm of bountiful World I walked barefooted , cuddling over Cosmo energy , creating magical shower To find a few human fully contented From the mundane of vulnerability Brain storming... Continue Reading →

Hidden Aura

Graved in utter silence Writing flows in veins Bewildered by a thought Is storyteller an insane Some says writing is mere phase Contentment from outer cave Heart throb, psycho and lovers Find it a perfect escape From blissful land An awful bond No correlation with life Afar from a pessimist vibes Sometimes breeze in ocean Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Word ‘Perfect’

Hello lovely people, Hope you are doing great . Well, you must be thinking why I choose this topic to write about. Phew,  because I'm pissed off hearing it . Can you help me to find those people who absolutely are fit for this word.✌ Still searching , hope I will find them on this planet.🤔... Continue Reading →

Three Days, Three Quote Challenge: 1Day

Hello lovely people, I have been nominated by indishe for the three day , three quote challenge . Read her blogs here at https//:indishe.wordpress.com Thank you for nominating me for this challenge😇 A picture needs no caption My nominees are: 1 lonelyauthorblog 2 Medha Chug 3 Shreya Jindal Stay happy and blessed😘


Hear me from within Dark deep soul O! Clinch my fist, Clinch my tongue Drag me back, Drag me back O! I need your help, O! I feel the crack Coil of silence in the blue water Hammering my brain to stop Hear me from within Dark deep soul Exposed aghast marks on whore Embraced... Continue Reading →

Cozy love😘😘

Hey lovely people, Hope you are doing great😍 . A small tribute to lovely friendship which is very special for all of us. We walk in together We chat for hours Endless talks, sleepless nights Beautiful memories lingered in my mind We laugh, We smile like a child Shared deepest secret and desire Strength, Weakness... Continue Reading →

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