Get To know me Child Tag

Hey dear bloggers,😊 I'm feeling very excited to write this post as it's a very innovative Award created by my dear blogger friend Nathprasad Dhanwat. I appreciate his efforts of creating this Award.You all friends will admire his writing. Must visit his blog and enjoy.😊  Let Cheer him for this fairly new Award's  idea👏 Rules... Continue Reading →


Messaging App

Hey lovely people, I have found many people, my blogger's friends using this messaging app.I have reinstalled it again with a hope that I will find genuine and nice people over there too.I'm exactly not sure about it just thought to give it a try.Hope I will get  a good suggestions or a true comment... Continue Reading →

भगत सिंह

बहुत ही शूरवीर था वो था वो ऐक नौजवान इतिहास के  सुनहरे पन्नों मे रच गया अपना नाम नाम था उसका भगत सिंह पराक्रमी और  था बहुत ही महान छोड़ गया लोगों की रूह में अपना निशान शत् शत् नमन उसे , करते हम उसे सलाम जो देश की खातिर कर गए अपनी जान कुर्बान... Continue Reading →

Boom in Followers!

Thank you so much guys for reading and appreciating my posts.I'm speechless by seeing the response💝.You all have  made this writing journey exciting,thrilling and memorable for me.My followers are so dear to me.😘   Few lines to express my love for my darling readers- WP k duniya meh abhinandan apka, chlo mile behtreen kalakaro se... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me Tag

Hi guys, Hope you are doing great!.First of all,I want to thank inkgirllandwords,the creator of getting to know me tag and also thankful to Astha..jain for nominating me for this award. She is a loving,friendly blogger who write beautifully.Her write-ups are simple,creative and more powerful. Must visit her blogs and enjoy her posts. Rules:-... Continue Reading →

Good news 

Hey lovelies, First of all thank you so much for the love and support bestowed  by  my readers.Thanks for all your precious comments on my each post. I don't want to disappoint my readers by leaving the story(Fallen Nightmare)in between.Though,I got great appreciation on my first story of VDW.I decide to reveal the hidden missing... Continue Reading →

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