Good news 

Hey lovelies, First of all thank you so much for the love and support bestowed  by  my readers.Thanks for all your precious comments on my each post. I don't want to disappoint my readers by leaving the story(Fallen Nightmare)in between.Though,I got great appreciation on my first story of VDW.I decide to reveal the hidden missing... Continue Reading →

Fallen Nightmare(last part)

Hey lovelies, Thank you for showing immense support and love by appreciating this story.I had never thought to write on haunted topic. I'm grateful to my lovely blogger friend Nathaprasad Dhanwaat for demanding this story 😊. Hope you will enjoy last part too,💝 Quick Recap- Samayra stopped talking to her mother and locked herself in... Continue Reading →

गोलमाल दुनिया

ज़िन्दगी की अजब फिलोस्फी अल्लाह ने घुमाई  कैसी ये चकरी , जो सोचा, वो न पाया,जो न सोचा ,वो खुदबखुद चला आया गोल गोल भूमंडल में, कितने जगमगाते है तारे भरा पढ़ा  अथा ज्ञान भ्रमाण्ड मे,ज़रा खोजो तो प्यारे उपनिषद,भागवत,गीता,पुराण  लाखो लोगो ने रट डाले फिर भी अर्थ का अनर्थ समझकर,घर तबाह  कर डाले किस्मत... Continue Reading →

Love of Memories

Love of memories, Lingered in my mind Warmth of mother's hand, Embraced her child Mewling and puking in nurse arm, Delight every inch of mine Ravishing beauty around, Pearl's gleam in sunshine Coarse  path of treacherous life, Exploring panorama  view from great height Dreaminess in atmosphere, Enlightened my mind True love and emotions, Melancholy song... Continue Reading →

Fallen Nightmare (part3)

Hey lovelies, I'm back with another part of this thriller ,haunted story.Hope you will like it. Fast Recap:- After taking permission from professor to allot her one day to complete the project .Samayra  spend her half day with Nisha .After realizing that She was late for the home, She wait for the bus on the... Continue Reading →

नटखट जग्गा

अतरंगी सा है वो ,थोड़ा सा शर्मिला है बहुत  ही हुशियार और रंगीला नाम है जग्गा,जो है बड़ा ही सीधा साधा चुप चुप रहता है वो ,मन का है सच्चा थोड़ा सा हकलाता है शायद ,तब ही तो गाकर कहता परवरिश हुई  हास्पिटल मैं, सबसे घुलमिल करके रहता प्रोफेसर बागला से जब वो मिला,बदल गयी... Continue Reading →

Fallen Nightmare (Part2)

Hey guys, I'm back with the another exciting part of 'The Fallen Nightmare'. I hope you guys liked the first part and will appreciate the Second part too. So, First thing first A Quick Recap:- After awaking from that horrible Nightmare ,Samayra observe the bruise on her wrist .She didn't tell her mother about the... Continue Reading →

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