The letter


I am not sharing you with a piece of the letter but giving you all that I have… 

Your sour and sweet memories, awful moments still haunts me every night when the day I lost you. 

The crimson frickles were laid on the windowsill as like snowflakes dressed on the bed waking her from the last night’s song. A lullaby inspired by the moving of the virgin stars on the music of crickets, an echo returning from the giant wind. My maiden laid asleep in the arms of aerial spirit unless I planted kisses on the forehead.

As I tease the curls of her long hair, She frowned and spoke in a low voice, “I will love you forever.” The spark in her eyes gave me chill under the bones. The sudden burst of adrenaline throbbed my veins as it was not the hope but the death approaching towards her.  

She never fails to notice her looks in the mirror but these days were different. Her beautiful strands resist falling on her shoulders as a space mock from the centre. 

Her legs wobbled as she pushed herself from the bed. 

“I will make a ham cheese sandwich for you”.

Ramy saw two of us from the corner of his eyes. Instead of jumping with glee, he kept quiet. It seems like, both my favourite had a secret.

‘Mr kai!  Your wife wants to hear you, ’ a voice baffled me from the chain of thoughts. 

My wife was in the hospital and..  a large lump chocked my throat. 

“Oh,  god!  How could I forget my baby last look on her face? The last gaze flashing the beautiful memories of our togetherness”. 

The last words enduring my whole existence, ‘I love you very much’.  

She took the last sigh holding my cold hands crashing my world.  

She was gone,  gone forever! 

The time was stopped and my heart too.  She was my dream,  my soul who drifted to other world leaving me broken. 

I couldn’t force my tears to not cover me with ” shards of love”. 

No one can hide her pain as she did; 

No one can love me beyond imperfections as she did, 

No one can slice me apart as she did

Yes,  she betrayed me and shattered my dreams. 

My love( betrayal) 

With a bloodied name. 

Kai wipes up his tears which were flowing like heavy rain, erasing the flashback of her memories and holding a piece of his heart for her lady. 

Kai stood in front of Trisha’s gravestone…laid those white lilies, her favourite ones, over her grave. He folded that white piece of the letter and placed it with those flowers.

Finally, a tear fell on the soft mud as Kai smiled while reading the epitaph.

”The GIRL who taught me how to DREAM”

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