Good news 

Hey lovelies,

First of all thank you so much for the love and support bestowed  by  my readers.Thanks for all your precious comments on my each post.

I don’t want to disappoint my readers by leaving the story(Fallen Nightmare)in between.Though,I got great appreciation on my first story of VDW.I decide to reveal the hidden missing parts to my readers.


37 thoughts on “Good news 

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      1. Generally talk about good friends. You watched movies DOSTI , which is based on true friendship of a blind and handicapped boys. it is a very old and black and white film then you know what a true friendship


      1. Yes,Thanks for understanding.But it’s okk,thankfully I have finished it.Phew,missing parts will be posted soon.Don’t be sorry,it’s my pleasure to work on bloggers demand .

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      2. It’s okk.Writing is more important for me and to fulfil bloggers demand.You are such a kind person,your comments always inspire me to write .Itna toh mh kar h sakti hu ,not a big deal.👍

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