Midnight Confession!

Words unsaid and unheard
Echo loudly in my swollen heart.
Soaked in fragrance of love,
As the aesthetic emotions rebound
I felt like Princess wearing the crown.
The time still trigger in my head
Stumbled in the mind’s cobweb,
Thou ushers me towards imaginery land,
To breathe the song of tranquil band!
Indepth of shallowness;
Like cute creature uprises on sea chest
As the coy bird ready to sneak out from its nest
Thou imbibed in pool of emotions,
Flushing every latent motions
I drank every sip of love portions.
Served by my soulmate who called it a confession!
The day still restore that numbness;
The night brimmed with tenderness
Balancing those phrases in perfect sequence.

16 thoughts on “Midnight Confession!

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      1. oh. ” you bet” is a positive good saying that is a shortened version of ” you can bet on it “. “bet” means a wager, like at a horse race, it is a colorful way of saying ” this is good” or also ” thank you “. And the ” that was nice” was just a repeat of my previous comment of complimenting your nice/ good poem. Please post some more of your poems, I enjoyed it.

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  1. Beautiful words. When you love someone, that love never disappears and it’s beautiful. Comparing it to random relationships, when you write a love poem and you reread it, you feel the very same even if it has ended. It is strange that things come between two who are so compatible, then they over-measure their love until separation. I wish I could find someone who could just hit a reset button like me, and say “okay, let’s restart from the beginning when we used to write poems to each other”.

    Keep writing! :3

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