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Hey lovely people, Today I am overwhelmed with the thought of happiness. Today, I figured that we all have a slight(or major) misconception about happiness. For eg- If I get this new phone which I've been craving for months then I will be happiest person in the world. Well, I beg to differ or its... Continue Reading →

Ghost Diaries

Hello lovelies, Hope you are having a great fun .I'm back with another exciting,Naa but with a haunted   real story😱 to prove that there  is "Life After Death"👻. Probably I like watching horror movies ,but not at night😂 and enjoy reading  them (quite interesting).🤗 Tighten your belt and get ready for the ride.A ride... Continue Reading →


You petrified me by your existence Why r u so aghost and dreadful Hanging around at stormy night,for what intention Wandering in my  sleep ,with blue Hollow eyes I got freeze at your movements,sweat arise Blood drenched away from my nerves,at your sight Why r u so devilish and evil fusion of God and demons epitome... Continue Reading →

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