You petrified me by your existence

Why r u so aghost and dreadful

Hanging around at stormy night,for what intention

Wandering in my  sleep ,with blue Hollow eyes

I got freeze at your movements,sweat arise

Blood drenched away from my nerves,at your sight

Why r u so devilish and evil fusion

of God and demons epitome

Why u trouble me in my sleep , bewildered emotion

Making adrenaline to burst in my body

Are u a disillusion ,myth or my hallucinationwp-1495907077453.jpg

Come I want to hear ,what u have to say

What’s latent beyond misty lightness ,lingered in my mind

Come I want to gaze at mixed creation

U just a glimpse of light or a darkened incarnation

Come I want to see ,what u are looking for

Founding a way for your salvation,Founding a ray of hope

Come I want to see ,are you  evil or holy spirit

Hailing to earth to move for heaven or hell

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