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Hey lovely people,
Today I am overwhelmed with the thought of happiness.
Today, I figured that we all have a slight(or major) misconception about happiness.

For eg- If I get this new phone which I’ve been craving for months then I will be happiest person in the world.
Well, I beg to differ or its a ‘clash of thoughts’, is it?
Now, let’s head back to the phone. Suppose you got the phone, you used it for months, now has the happiness weared off? It sure has.
See, that happiness was temporary, it gave us pleasure no doubt but I truly believe happiness is/was/will be in those small moments, not the proclaimed big ones.


I can prove it to you.
Now, let’s go a little bit back in time.
Just when you were a little kid.
Just try to remember, which thing makes to happier the new toy your parent bought you or the moments when they played with you.
Let’s come at your school times, what gives you more happiness your talks with friends or the new clothes you bought.
You might not even remember the clothes you craved for in schools but might remember the chats you had in school.

We all are digging oceans of happiness, aren’t we!
Yeah these oceans might be a little boring but meh!

Well, so to the point, I wanted to share my experience with every one of you.
After reading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne, I felt so inspired and tried to implement it in my life.
So, counting my experiences –

1) I manifested my dream job by believing in the Universe. Still, I vividly remember passing the interview and getting short listed.
After coming back, I knew that I will get the call and waited positively and after a couple of hours, my phone buzz and it was the call which I was dying to hear.


2. Whenever my life stands at a crossroad, or I was in dilemma. I just asked from the Universe to help me out and someone is always there to help.
It is happening very often with me which has made me a firm believer of the Universe and its powers.

For eg- I love to read books and wanted to read the ‘Shiva Trilogy’ by Amish Tripathi.
So, I wanted to test the power of the Universe , I kept believing that very soon I will read this book.
How and from where, nothing matters but I am surely going to read it this month.

And to my surprise, my brother gifted me this book as rakshabandhan present.
Hurray! I jumped out with joy when I received the delivery of same book yesterday.

All the amazing experiences has made me a staunch believer of the Universe and its powers.

I have read many stories in the “How Secret Changed My life” but now, I wanted you to read my story and tell yours too.

I live by this philosophy now.

Waiting for your stories😍

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  1. The concocting of happiness. Isn’t it awesome that when we wish for something we are surprised? You make interesting points on what constitutes happiness but can’t it be eternal? That’s the biggest question…maybe it will come, disappear and come again. Love the post.

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    1. I agree with you . Happiness is eternal but that is rare to find . You can call spiritual satisfaction .
      But to enjoy the life , We can touch the slightest flavour of happiness which we get from small things.

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  2. Very well written!!
    At different phases of our lives, we think differently. Like when as a kid you craved for toys; as a teen craved for clothes: You can’t expect a small kid to seek universal happiness, right?? So, whatever/ however the moments come by, we must enjoy them. Life is nothing but mosaic of small moments, preserved carefully in our thoughts!!

    Have a great day..

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