Ocean Calling

Hey lovelies,

I’m back with another interesting post .Let’s hear the serene voice of the Sea.

Zinny Oh Zinny! Open your eyes dear.What…. happened to you?😢Her Mother’s Voice Trembled

Mom, she…. She just choked,the plastic bag covered her gills said Zoek.

Alas,We have lost Zinny said Zoek and we too lost our dear friend But we also lost our nice friend with whom we used to play with in the pacificana bay said Milly,Lilly and Marco who have just arrived.

A deadly and horrendous silence spread across the place.

Mom,I don’t want to die!

I have not even seen sun rays from several days ,the thing I only saw is the profound darkness in the ocean .

Why I can’t breathe Properly?Why I can’t swim properly?

I don’t want to live like this and I also don’t want to die like this either .”Tell Me Mom What To Do”, asks Zoek.

And the poor mother had no answer for the child’s query, She just gazed towards the plastic wrapped body of Zinny and the terrified face of Zoek.

Meanwhile the Joe Dolphin was passing by and he just came close and looked at Zinny’s body and said Everyone’s dying,the whale,sea tortoise,octopus all of them in very quick succession.

He left looking pained.

Tell Me Mom Why Everyone is dying? Zoek questions again.

Finally She answered, My child our End is near,I have lost Zinni and I will lose you too very soon😢.

The marine ecosystem has been infected by humans ,the deposition of oil in ocean has severely effected our habitat  and imbalanced  marine ecosystem.

The waste from industries,agriculture has intoxicated the water. The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has diminished the oxygen level in the ocean  ecosystem.The plastics discharged  in marine  were engulfed by many sea creatures ,which has blocked their respiratory,digestive tracks which leads to death.

The story ends..

Do you know ?

There is an island of garbage twice the size of Texas inside the Pacific Ocean: the North Pacific Gyre off the coast of California is the largest oceanic garbage site in the entire world.



It’s  a critical issue which  need to be highlighted  else one day will come when marine life,aquatic animals were only be visual in artificial aquarium.

So,thank you for reading a quick recap in a way of story for telling us what we are doing,w hat  are its consequences  and what it holds for our future.

All I Can Say Is Wake Up People.

If you like it,Please share your thoughts with me.

Keep supporting and stay happy😊

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    1. Thank you soooo much buddy ,It’s my second award .I will post it in couple of days ,as these days I have a busy routine.Hope you don’t mind😆


  1. We have crossed all the boundaries to exploit this earth, now we can only see its impact. No human has the power to change it now, a new world will be born but only after the restructuring of this old earth whose cost would be lost lives of many humans. I liked your post


    1. Yes,I agree with you .We have exploited Air,Water ,Trees ,nature almost everything ,now we are facing it’s devastating consequences.Thanks you so much for visiting and giving your valuable views on it.😊

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