Fallen Misery(part2)

Yes, she left him alone making him worse
But why , left questions behind submerged

How someone could fall in love
Without meeting person in real
Just an infatuation or a betrayal
Or showcasing his flirting skills
Thousand thoughts corrupted her mind
And he kept trying hard, chasing her in divine
His heart gushed with ink of his thoughts
Marked on piece of paper , Imposed on canvas of
dead love , wounded and so infected
She thought to give him chance, to put all in it
She chatted with him to know , understand him better
With a hope to fathom his flaws , virtue and vice
In astonishment, he come out to be a hero and villain at same time
Leaving her amused and bewildered , was it really
True love , lust or what else
Unaware of his whereabouts, test the waters and
With faith , she opened up with all she have
He embossed fifty multiple shades of his life
Which one is authentic or right
Crossed all the limits very well and planned
He knew well , she lived in her cozy shell
This all will make her in embarrassing hell
A person with different attire and taste
Person belonging to different states
Still, both felt some connection might be
Or that was nothing meant to be
She liked to be in limits but he liked to break it all
Is this story has any start or shall one put to an end

74 thoughts on “Fallen Misery(part2)

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  1. If someone couldn’t fall in love without meeting that means he/she only want to go behind a beautiful face and body.
    If you talked to a person then you can find what is good or ban in him/her.
    Falling in love after meeting that means you are falling in love with the face, body or money not for the person .
    Thank you

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    1. No , i disagree with you . Meeting a person means to see him in real , his thoughts, a reflection of his ideas . How one is supposed to fall in love by getting person know nd by looks .
      What if it’s about marrying person not only in any kind of relationship?

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      1. We could know a person by talking to him/her by face to face or by online. But yes if you only want to fall in love after meeting that’s totally depend on the person otherwise I have known some stories where people fall in love without meeting and they are happy now .
        And I have known some relationship which started in real and ended up .
        So its only depend on the people .
        Thank you .

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      2. I just learned from my friend @Ritu that

        β€œYour smile is your logo, your peronality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.β€œ

        so meeting the person personally is one thing that needs to be done if seeking love.


      3. Yes, nd what’s exactly is love . A puzzling question as can we call it mere infatuation or not vo toh after meeting h pta lg sakta h . Anyways, thanks for giving your beautiful suggestion nd reading post.

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      1. Love is pure, stable . It can’t hurt other people opinion, emotions and never abuse his/her lover . Not dominate, nor comment.


  2. Wowwwww..thanks..it’s me I can see me and my girl in that….but yeah…let’s see..what’s gonna happen..but I am really happy shayra.you really understood me,stop behind me in times of need,you helped me..you shared things with me..I am really grateful to beautiful soul like you


    1. Thanku so much . I understand your situation well as i have gone through it . Hard to believe . I understand why it’s difficult for her to believe but you r only looking at one side (yours side)


      1. Yeah..hope she tells the reason of her fear and why she deleted her whole blog after she came to knew that I have identified as her blog…she has to answer these..or may be she is testing my patience..may be she is feeling that I will forget if she didn’t reply for few days…don’t know anything


      2. I never said it’s love.I said its really fascinating to meet Girl whom you have imagined for years..And when I read her blog..I found her character and soul…she is really golden heart..but how can I lose that kind of person??? I just want to figure that connection with her…because it’s kind a rare..you won’t find these kind of people who suits you in life frequently…


      1. Okk, thanks but if i could help someone , then why not. I’M not expecting anything in return from you . And happy to see that you r feeling relaxed by such small help


      2. Yeah..it’s actually great help..because I am unable to narrate this strange things to.my closed ones…because it’s not love or something..the rare connection..which is difficult to explain in words..the hell I have gone through..and many more things


  3. Great one shayra. You have managed to pull off all those complex feelings with your words. An almost impossible task done with utmost grace. Keep it up. Expecting more of such kind. All the best πŸ‘πŸ‘


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