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Midnight Confession!

Words unsaid and unheard
Echo loudly in my swollen heart.
Soaked in fragrance of love,
As the aesthetic emotions rebound
I felt like Princess wearing the crown.
The time still trigger in my head
Stumbled in the mind’s cobweb,
Thou ushers me towards imaginery land,
To breathe the song of tranquil band!
Indepth of shallowness;
Like cute creature uprises on sea chest
As the coy bird ready to sneak out from its nest
Thou imbibed in pool of emotions,
Flushing every latent motions
I drank every sip of love portions.
Served by my soulmate who called it a confession!
The day still restore that numbness;
The night brimmed with tenderness
Balancing those phrases in perfect sequence.

Adventurous Night

Sailed in the life boat,looked aside

What a fate has discovered,hovers in the   mind

Gaze at his wild eyes,Discovered blood of mine

Savoured fresh juice ,lustful toungue

Swaying in delight

Out of blue a long jump,scared me from inside

Adrenaline rushed in nerves,Drenched away fear to kept aside

Body burnt in ashes,Withered  from outside

Soul asked from inside,how to remain alive

Deep silence throbbed my  mind

Made a rift ,to distant him from the side

Infinite Ocean , Melancholy Sight

Crestfallen  from  inside

Dark Haunted nights,Dark moonlight

Splash !Thunder splash of Water

Heart beat stopped for a while

Grandeur Whale cut off the  side

Jolted Me and Parker from Inside

Yearning  for help ,Yearning  for life

My heart melts at the sight

Humanity flutters in the mind

Reached to beautiful island,In a delight

Ate Algae and nuts ,To survive

Found a human teeth ,aghast  us from inside

A carnivorous Island,echo in the mind

Moved to jungles ,sailed day and night

Where lost Parker ,grieved my heart from Inside

Starved for breathe,When open eyes

Saw me in hospital ,Safe and alright

Lasting memories,Unexpressable notions

Lingered in the mind