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Her head stumbles upon the shady grove sucking those damp eyes. Eyes that pierce those giant trees wrapped in a canopy. From a distant, she saw the disillusion figure aligning the forest on flames. The fire that was the mere repercussion of the hue of saffron rays. Being tired of a long journey, she decides... Continue Reading →

Midnight Confession!

Words unsaid and unheard Echo loudly in my swollen heart. Soaked in fragrance of love, As the aesthetic emotions rebound I felt like Princess wearing the crown. The time still trigger in my head Stumbled in the mind's cobweb, Thou ushers me towards imaginery land, To breathe the song of tranquil band! Indepth of shallowness;... Continue Reading →

Memories of Childhood

Vo Like a rainbow of seven colours, splendour with glossy vibes Like a box of sweets , one savoured it with delight Childhood memories lingered in my mind Comfort lap of mother, ┬álistening fairy tales in twilight Overwhelmed with the charisma of childish innocence, blurred in materialistic life Played hide and seek, Fights with brother... Continue Reading →


Mom Why you killed me !Mom Why you killed me! I shed tears from swollen eyes I woke from nightmare,repented my inside A blue light,haunted me ,standing beside As it came closer to me ,to make me realize It's a sin of my past deeds ,drenched me from inside I fed her ,nurture her like a... Continue Reading →

Adventurous Night

Sailed in the life boat,looked aside What a fate has discovered,hovers in the   mind Gaze at his wild eyes,Discovered blood of mine Savoured fresh juice ,lustful toungue Swaying in delight Out of blue a long jump,scared me from inside Adrenaline rushed in nerves,Drenched away fear to kept aside Body burnt in ashes,Withered  from outside... Continue Reading →

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