Freckles of snow

Cotton hazes spread everywhere Parting the thread of panorama view Teeth chattering bones clutching my blue lips, Emulsifying adrenaline rush in the spine. Hues of seven wonders dwell here, Soaked up in the droplets of rain Inherited depth of charms on the glowing face

Stumble upon

Her head stumbles upon the shady grove sucking those damp eyes. Eyes that pierce those giant trees wrapped in a canopy. From a distant, she saw the disillusion figure aligning the forest on flames. The fire that was the mere repercussion of the hue of saffron rays. Being tired of a long journey, she decides... Continue Reading →

Exuberance is beauty

When the mind is bombarded with a train of thoughts, like every cell of the human body were dispersed in angular direction or a hurricane aroused from mind's cobweb abruptly hitting the forest.The one that is provoked by the flood of emotions rustling behind the bushes of the forest. The forest, that dwells in all... Continue Reading →

The Art

Blurred images hovering in mind Staring at the cracks of wall, dozing at night The painter's best creation on canvass Is an art or beautiful words blended in A dance moves of a girl swirling on fast beats is an art or a song sung from heart Varied shapes of pots used for decorum Is... Continue Reading →

Dream Girl

In a dark glorious night I saw a girl in white Open blonde hairs,Swirled  under  a moonlight Hold my breath,I gaze at her face in Twilight Blush cheeks , melted me from core of Heart line  Gleam in eyes , dazzled at  night Rosy lips,cast a magic in bliss Embellished with  love  I called her Miss..... Continue Reading →

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