Hole in soul

Have you wondered thinking about the existence of these holes? These holes are as black as vicious clouds hanging up in the sky. When the clear sky is filled with blackness; gulping down the brightness. Holes confirm their place when the mind and soul are brimmed with negative thoughts empowering pessimism in the heart. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Death

Hey folks, hope you are doing well. Where the nation evolves in mysterious combat and everyone waits for peace. On the other side, our subconscious mind laid asleep in a shell. Later, it was unaware of what's happening around or like it cares least. A mind, a chariot that exerts an inexorable force to dive... Continue Reading →


Hear me from within Dark deep soul O! Clinch my fist, Clinch my tongue Drag me back, Drag me back O! I need your help, O! I feel the crack Coil of silence in the blue water Hammering my brain to stop Hear me from within Dark deep soul Exposed aghast marks on whore Embraced... Continue Reading →

Soul Eater

Yes,I'm a prostitute Neither with my consent ,Nor ¬†with my will Thrust in Hell,Thrust in sex cell It becomes my home ,In a Nutshell With no name ,I brought the shame No escape from the cave Ruthlessly beaten,Severely burnt Body turned to ashes ,dark and churned What's my fault,If I'm a girl Whom to blame... Continue Reading →

Power of Gratitude

Million thanks for creating! Billion thanks for Nurturing! Trillion thanks for loving! Gratitude a secret of life Gratitude a power to transform vibes A few knows the latent mystery Who knows,they make history Clandestine meaning to love,to live Act pensively to write ,to bring Sending signals to Universe Some for now,Some for future reserve Law... Continue Reading →

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