Experiencing Death

Hey folks, hope you are doing well. Where the nation evolves in mysterious combat and everyone waits for peace. On the other side, our subconscious mind laid asleep in a shell. Later, it was unaware of what's happening around or like it cares least. A mind, a chariot that exerts an inexorable force to dive... Continue Reading →

Slice of Love

I boasted my head in proud The scent of mulberry woods That makes my heart jumped When you abruptly bumped In my arms, craving you more I yearn to meet you at twilight The touch of your velvet skin. I yearn your first glance, That swing my heart in glee. With love I took pledge... Continue Reading →

In The Dream

Tiny droplets of water,Swirl in the rain Relishing my mind and brain Tip-Top ,Tip-Top music burst in lane Enlightening my soul , Echo my name Splendour panorama of trees,rocks and valleys Gladdened my heart from a bleak Chirp of birds,Dancing peacock in a Glee Aroma of moist soil ,Caressing Breeze Making me to jump in... Continue Reading →

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