Why to mark Chatpal a wonderful spot on your travel list?

Be an escapist instead of a hustler. We all need a vacation from the whirlwind that is work. Walking like a zombie to the office and returning with a frigid heart is a sight to behold. What we’re carrying in the carriage is a bag of worry, frustration, and anguish. Earning money and living servile... Continue Reading →

How to make peace with regret

Let's suppose you are stuck in an office, glued by a computer screen, typing to hit the keys and send an important email. And you ignored the constant calls of your mother. Later, you realized that you have lost connection with her. The regret of a long time gushes in your life. You yearn to... Continue Reading →

How we have good vibes?

Good vibes is a slang phrase for the positive feelings given off by a person, place, or situation. In simple word, it's an emotion that radiates positive feelings in the body. There is always room to discuss good and bad vibes. Bad vibes give birth to negative emotion or place. Why we often visit to... Continue Reading →

Six shocking mistakes that collapse the relationship at last

Divorced individuals, compared to their married counterparts, have higher levels of psychological distress, substance abuse, and depression, as well as lower levels of overall health (Amato, 2000; Hughes & Waite 2009) These days relationship has become a choice, not a mandatory subject to choose. The relationship starts with trust, care and attraction but then ends... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Death

Hey folks, hope you are doing well. Where the nation evolves in mysterious combat and everyone waits for peace. On the other side, our subconscious mind laid asleep in a shell. Later, it was unaware of what's happening around or like it cares least. A mind, a chariot that exerts an inexorable force to dive... Continue Reading →

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