Five effective ways to loosen cheek fat and double chin

An extra slice of pizza or a cheese sandwich doesn’t need permission.

But, extra fat on the face is a no-no for women.

How many selfies or zoomed- in- photos have you deleted?

I understand the agony of seeking bulk fat below the chin. No matter, how many articles we’ve read or seen Instagram reels flaunting their body fat.

Still, we despise it so much that we want to get rid of cheek fat and double chin.

I heard you scream, and I’m here to rescue you from fat-shaming.

And if you prefer glamour to a bubbly, adorable face, keep reading till the end.

Why do you need to control?

Women are the epitome of beauty. You may find your younger sibling pulling your cheeks, which reminds you of chubby cheeks.

Bubbliness may appear cute but a chiselled jawline is beautiful. And if you crave a celebrity to look like a ‘Diva’ read the article all.

If you’re searching for a quick fix, this is not the place for you to be.

Fat doesn’t appear to you overnight, yet it takes months to consume you.

Accumulated fat beneath the chin varies from person to person. Obesity stores fat in the body. Losing cheek fat is a byproduct of loosening up excess body mass.

But, here I will show you easy hacks to burn extra fat from the face.

Steps to get a slimmer face for an elegant look

1. Try FaceJoy app

It’s my favourite app because it includes a variety of facial workouts and yoga. Videos easily explain each exercise. It has free access to courses as well. This provides you with needed information about strengthening facial muscles.

Exercise for 15-30 minutes every day for immediate results. These exercises help to improve slack muscles and slow the ageing process.

Download the app from the app store and thank me later.

2. Eat-in portions

Eating in a moderate amount is a good idea if planning to lose some weight. Dreaming of ice-cream roll, cheesecake or over Momos is like losing a battle.

However, consuming all kinds of meals in sufficient quantities does not harm.

Place a spoon on a plate and fill the spaces with food items. By doing so, you will not exceed your calorie limit and your taste buds will benefit as well.

it’s a Win-Win game for foodies.

3. Detoxify the body

Detoxification helps in eliminating bad carbs and toxins from the body. Drinking plenty of water, juice, and smoothies is healthy for the body. It will also aid in the increase of metabolism. Having eight glasses of water looks like a hurricane task.

Let’s spice it up a little by adding lemon, mint and cucumber.

4. Use make-up to cover extra fat

It’s a Hide And Show game for the people who compliment you for a perfect face. You can apply makeup if you know the contour and structure of your face. Applying too much compact below the nosal areas will make you look fat.

Instead, flaunt the eye area with a smoky look. To learn what suits you best, click the link below.

5. Make walking a habit

Cardio, strength training or deadlift may frighten you. So, a simple walk sounds straightforward.

Walking for thirty minutes is the first step towards achieving your big goal.

Assume that jumping from one ladder to the third one may hurt but placing foot one by one makes sense. It sounds like a joke, but there are no quick results. Begin by taking the first step and recording the daily progress.

Final step

There are ready-to-eat meals for the hostlers. But, there are no such fast results for shedding face fat. It requires patience and time. Seeking quick results will bankrupt you. Necklift, buccal fat removal and other surgery procedures cost you a luxury lifestyle.

Are you willing to put in the work to have your features sharpened?

If yes, stick to a regular schedule and practice facial exercises.

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