Why to mark Chatpal a wonderful spot on your travel list?

Be an escapist instead of a hustler.

We all need a vacation from the whirlwind that is work. Walking like a zombie to the office and returning with a frigid heart is a sight to behold.

What we’re carrying in the carriage is a bag of worry, frustration, and anguish.

Earning money and living servile life has become our primary goal.

Isn’t that the case?

Don’t you believe we’ve become the slaves of the commercial World?

Everything has a high price tag to go with it. Seeking peace in daily chores have become a constant struggle.

Thank God for some untouched territory that ensures peace in exchange.

India, with its gorgeous valleys, steep peaks and, lush flora is a steller.

Pahalgam and Gulmarg are eye-catchers in South Kashmir. Besides, Chatpal, a small town remains aloof from the tourism area.

You can call it a Dream Home.

A perfect place to get lost in the cotton clouds that hovered in the sky. The jewels of the area are Sun-kissed mountains, white- mist on the stream and walnut-laden trees. A natural marvel that has gone unnoticed by humans. The cottages and the residents of the town serve as reminders of our existence. It’s like though you are walking in a fairyland.

Things to do

The breathtaking beauty of Chatpal remains unspoilt for decades. And credit goes to Saviour’s of the land. Natives are nature worshippers. Embarking on a trekking journey with the locals is a win-win game. The freshness of crimson apples and walnuts bring you close to nature. It’s a great spot to visit if you need a break.

God is sitting in the lap of Thimran. A small village offering a soothing lullaby of the river. You can feel the warmth and compassion while talking to the locals.

Savour Kashmiri Chai in the steaming earthern port. Kangris keep you warm, especially in winters. Strolling near the milky stream and resting under the stars are a lifetime experience.

Places to live

Tourists can stay in wooden houses reserved by J&K Forest Department. Spending quality time in the alpine regions is an ideal place. You can also book nearby hotels as an alternative.

If you want your hands on snow, then visit in winter.

How to reach

Fly to Srinagar and then book a cab as it’s a three-hour drive from there. A panoramic view of the mountain and slick roads will keep you hooked to the end.

Travel along with the Anantnag- Chitergul route as GPS will help to track the location. From there, take a jeep to Chitergul, and then another tourist jeep to reach Chatpal.

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