Madness in anxiety

Madness in anxiety

Sun-kissed lips stammered a bit

Hundred or thousand times it split

Dripping chunks of blueness in the throat,

Migraine ushers through creaks with the jolt.

Thou push me to the edge of white walls,

Shards of a bruised heart shriek me to core

Being vulnerable is alright, at least not losing sight

Heard echoes of my wails in the depths of the mind.

Drifting nowhere to a dark purple narrow chamber

Soul trespass away peeping from the yellow scraps

No individual stand apart from me; so close to survive

Reside in fear; death instinct seems very near.

Have you ever felt the haunted whiff of the scapegoat

Crevices yelling at the helplessness of human cries

I was manipulated by the sheepish mind,

The body turned to be a corpse of the bottom line.

When unheard sobs whisper a dying song,

Like the green moss draped in a barren land

By killing two birds from one arrow

That two birds dwell in the human brain,

Astound by the suspended manmade chain.

One is conscious and another lay half-asleep.

Both lurking over the past in vicious loop

Traumatized by a pool of anxiety,

Disgraced by self- identity

Crises are not new nor stale

Believe in love and God’s grace

Stand to strangle fear from face to face

Or stand six feet apart from the rusty blaze

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  1. “Being vulnerable is alright, at least not losing sight,” what a powerful line, Shayra. Intense and depth on anxiety and mental ailment plaguing us from time-to-time. This poem is too beautiful on what we go through and exploring depth filled with optimism.

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