Christ, a Sun’s God
Tempting us to love thy enemy

dissipating mercenary and
shrewdness from whole cosmology
Preaching of Mahayana Sutra
To evolve oneself in buddhsatva
Spinning wheel of karma transforming
Mind into fullness; a state of Nirvana
The future Mahadi will step up with
The justice, the wisdom and the trade
Soaring feminism on Cosmo plate
Messiah, the descendent of Jews
Arrived to fetch omnipotent energies
Be a observer with a visionary eye
Stop giving justification for every why
Beauty and age wimps heavily like a
Tormented sly but thy lane from
Temporal love to eternal love
Enchants lama songs to paradise
With a similar flow of positivity
Upbrings evolutionary humanity

15 thoughts on “Humanity

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  1. This poem is just WOW. I recall the American dysutopian style of “yeets” because it questions the diversity of beliefs and prefers simplicity in humanity. It asks us to reach a peaceful anarchy. Concerning the style, I prefer using structures and punctuation because it is hard to make a whole idea into a poem when the poem is chaotic, BUT you did very well with this chaotic choice and the rhythm is amazing.
    I love it!

    P.S.: When you upload picture, just set it as a featured image and delete it; otherwise, it comes up twice and that’s weird (for me). Just a little tip for design, but you surely will pay more attention on it lately.

    Also, there’s a typo of writing “a” instead of “an”. Sieg Heil for Grammar. Haha

    “Be a observer with a visionary eye”

    Keep writing! Much love.

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